Squad Member Rashida Tlaib Has Hysterical Crying Fit After Ilhan Omar Booted from Committees for Anti-Semitism

Comedian Adam Carolla eviscerated far-left ‘Squad’ member Rashida Tlaib after she burst into a hysterical crying fit on the House floor over her fellow Squad Ilhan Omar getting the boot from a congressional committee.

In case you missed it, Omar (D-MN) was removed from her role on the Foreign Affairs Committee on Thursday due to her history of spreading anti-Semitic tropes.

Tlaib (D-MI), who has her own history of such comments, gave what the media will surely describe as an ‘impassioned’ speech, but to the average onlooker amounted to a hysterical temper tantrum from an emotionally stunted human being.

The congresswoman cried inconsolably as her speech dragged on and she was forced to yield her time.

“I am so sorry, sis, that our country is failing you today,” Talib said, her voice cracking. “The GOP is now doing what it is best at, weaponizing hate against a black, beautiful, Muslim woman.”

It is one of the most embarrassing things you’ll ever see in the halls of Congress.

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Adam Carolla Rips Rashida Tlaib Over Crying Fit

Carolla made an appearance on “Tucker Carlson Tonight” where he and host Tucker Carlson shared a few laughs about the “emotionally incontinent” Squad member.

“They’re … setting the movement back, you know what I mean?” Carolla said after Carlson played clips from the emotional responses of several members of the group.

“They seem incompetent. They seem insane.”


After Carlson pointed out that you’re not allowed to call female politicians ‘hysterical,’ but Tlaib’s performance “can only be described as hysterical,” Carolla follows with a great line.

“If this was a co-pilot on your commercial flight, you would get off of the plane, right?” he quipped. “‘I don’t want this nut job anywhere near a yoke.”

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Tlaib’s History, AOC Gets Caught Up With Wild Rant As Well

Rashida Tlaib has certainly come a long way from her faux tough girl days of “impeach the motherf***er”, crying on the House floor like a child not allowed to have a cookie.

It isn’t the first time she’s had such emotional outbursts.

Here she is breaking down during a hearing on ‘white supremacy’ after discussing a death threat that Democrats seem to think they exclusively receive as public figures.

And here is Rashida Tlaib crying uncontrollably while discussing the events of the January 6th riot at the Capitol.

And does anyone remember this gem? When Tlaib had to be forcibly dragged out of a Trump campaign event in 2016 by Secret Service agents?

How could Michigan voters possibly have put somebody like this in office to represent them? An emotionally unstable clown has no business being amongst other national leaders.

She belongs on a couch, explaining to her therapist how she sees white supremacists under her bed at night.

Tlaib’s defense of Omar might have been sparked by the fact that she has her own rich history of anti-Semitism.

The following is a short rundown:

  • Tlaib said thinking of the Holocaust provides her with a “calming feeling.”
  • Accused pro-Israel advocates of having dual loyalty.
  • Supports the BDS movement and posed for photos with a campaign fundraiser who promoted anti-Semitic conspiracy theories.

Here’s Tlaib promoting a book by another radical, Linda Sarsour, while sporting a t-shirt critics claim tries to erase Israel off the map.

Tlaib wasn’t the only one to make a fool of herself in defense of Omar Thursday. Her colleague, Representative Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, had a temper tantrum for the ages.

It’s a clip you have to see to believe. AOC’s fists clenched. The stuttering and inability of her mouth to catch up with that hamster wheel she calls a brain. The nearly bouncing out of her shoes with excitement as she thinks she’s making great points.

Well, go ahead and judge for yourself …

As for that grinning woman sitting behind her? That’s Cori Bush (D-MO), yet another Squad member.

Bush blamed Omar’s removal from the Foreign Affairs Committee on … you guessed it … ‘wHiTE sUpREmacY.’

Eric Swalwell and Adam Schiff – two of the whitest people you’ll ever meet – will surely be surprised that removal from a committee is almost exclusively due to white supremacists and their hatred of women of color.

Or maybe not. In today’s Democrat Party, they could simply identify as a minority female.

Carolla noted it’s rather unlikely Tlaib will be embarrassed by her performance, as the rest of the country is.

“We’re coming from a different generation where you would yell at someone, ‘Get a hold of yourself, woman! Have a shot of brandy. Pull it together. You’re a leader. Get ahold of yourself!'”

“But now we’re in a victim culture reward center now and we’re handing it out … so she gets an Emmy for that.”

These three have collectively lowered the average IQ of Congress significantly on their own. But they’re not going anywhere. They come from districts in which they will never lose. They can stay in Congress for as long as they like, sadly.

The House should consider a rule change that bars hysterical performance art masquerading as substance on the floor.

Otherwise, it’s only going to get worse unless the children are punished so they can think about their actions.

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  • Sorry, not sorry. The antics and the things said by the squad belong to 1930s Nazi Germany and should have NEVER been expressed on the House floor whether within the capitol building or anywhere across media and the internet.

  • So, what about when Rashida, spoke about wanting to physically beat up President Trump while in the midst of a bunch of people and doing it in front of her kids to hear her verbalized this with profanity. Now she is crying when the shoe is on the other foot for her. Man, what a piece of work these squad members are. They must have short term memories or just think people are not listening. Maybe in their voting regions, people don't think or listen and the reason they have not been voted out yet.

  • Both are traitors. Now they can't have direct access io intel to pass along to the muslim brotherhood or alquida.

  • I could care less what rt screams and bitches about

    she's not a US citizen from my point of view

    rt needs to be forcefully kicked out of our US power Lawmaking politics


    that damned neverTRUMP Muslim gang of illegal ?women? never should have been placed in/on our US soil at all

    🥰CHRISTrump and all our US TRUMPlican Lawmakers successfully US 2022-2036 Reelected Landslide
    Amen & Amen🥰

  • I find it very offensive when these refugees from violent pagan goat herding internecine wars somehow get before the public forum and call this historically established Christian Republic "our country". Their "country" is the shiite hole they deserted to defile the Republic established by servants of Jesus Christ.

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