Speaker Mike Johnson Fires Back After Jen Psaki’s Meltdown About His Being An ‘Extreme Christian’

Newly minted House Speaker Mike Johnson (R-LA) responded to criticism from MSNBC Jen Psaki over his worldviews which she claims represent "extreme Christian conservatism."
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Newly minted House Speaker Mike Johnson (R-LA) responded to criticism from MSNBC host Jen Psaki over his worldviews, which she claims represent “extreme Christian conservatism.”

Psaki’s commentary over the weekend repeatedly addressed Johnson’s religious views as he claimed anyone seeking to understand what motivates him should “pick up a Bible off your shelf and read it.”

“That’s my worldview,” the Speaker said in a Fox News interview.

Psaki referenced those comments and immediately expressed disdain for the same beliefs that guide many Christians.

“You heard that right!” she told her audience. “The Bible doesn’t just inform his worldview, it is his worldview.”

“What exactly has God apparently called on Mike Johnson to do?” she snarked. “Well, his views on policy are essentially what you’d expect from a religious fundamentalist: they’re more divisive than they are divine.”

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Johnson Responds To Psaki’s Criticism

Speaker Johnson fired back at Psaki’s criticism of his religious beliefs in an interview with Kayleigh McEnany of Fox News.

“Look, there are entire industries that are built to take down public leaders – effective political leaders like me. I’m not surprised by that,” he observed. “I mean, it comes with the territory. It doesn’t bother me at all.”

Johnson tried to quell concerns about the religious principles that guided him.

“I just wish they would get to know me,” he said. “I’m not trying to establish Christianity as the national religion or something. That’s not what this is about at all.”

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Johnson Compared To Taliban Leaders: ‘Absolutely Outrageous’

Johnson also fired back at critics who audaciously claimed his hardline religious beliefs can be equated to those of Taliban leaders.

“Of course, our religion is based on love and acceptance. So, to compare that worldview with the Taliban, who seek to destroy their enemies, or with some deranged shooter who murders people is absolutely outrageous,” he said.

“And I think that everyone who follows and believes in a Judeo-Christian worldview should be just terribly offended by that,” he added.

Johnson suggested the criticism of his religion is “a statement about everyone who believes in this.”

“That the country was built upon – our Judeo-Christian foundation is the heritage of our country,” he added.

Before denouncing House Speaker Johnson’s religious beliefs, former White House press secretary Psaki had an emotional response to alleged bullying of those who support same-sex marriage.

Last April, she was asked to comment on “backlash” to gay marriage, including a bill Democrats and the media have labeled the “Don’t Say Gay” bill.

“I’m going to get emotional about this issue because it’s horrible,” Psaki warned adding later it “is an issue that makes me completely crazy.”

“It’s like kids who are bullied and then all these leaders are taking steps to hurt them and hurt their lives and hurt their families,” she continued through tears.

While Psaki portrays Johnson as an “extreme” Christian, she worked at one point for President Joe Biden, who the media had portrayed as guided by his faith.

“When Joe Biden seeks to inspire or comfort, he turns to his faith,” a column from NPR reads. “His speeches are woven with references to God, biblical language or the pope.”

By her own measure, the President is a Christian extremist.

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