‘Sound Of Freedom’ Star Jim Caviezel Defies Left To Say ‘Trump Was Selected By God Almighty’

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Jim Cavieziel, the star of the hit movie Sound Of Freedom, is defying the liberal world of Hollywood to praise the former President Donald Trump, going so far as to compare him to King David while also saying that he “was selected by God almighty.”

Caviezel Praises Trump 

While appearing on Steve Bannon’s “War Room” podcast, Caviezel talked about Trump hosting a screening of Sound Of Freedom. Prior to this screening, Caviezel recalled telling Trump, “When you watch this movie, you will be a peace and at rest because you more than anyone have done incredible things.”

Caviezel went on to say that while Trump is “private about his faith,” he is still “getting it done for our Lord and savior.”

“When you go back to David, Trump is like that,” he explained. “Here’s a boy that was called out and many people didn’t like him as including his own—I’m talking about David now—own father. And he was selected by God.”

“I believe Donald Trump was selected by God almighty… he probably didn’t think he was the best guy [to be president] or maybe he thought he was the best guy, because in my opinion, he’s pretty great,” Caviezel continued. “A guy like him will be able to sit there and watch this [Sound of Freedom] and feel safe and peace, and I think that a lot of people that watch this that are following God, feel that way.”

King David is described in the Bible as a shepherd and harpist who beat the odds to defeat the giant Goliath in a battle, going on to become a prophet of God, according to Newsweek.

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Trump Hosts Sound Of Freedom Screening

Sound Of Freedom was the surprise hit of the summer, earning over $183 million domestically and over $210 million internationally. The movie is based on the true story of the real life government agent Tim Ballard (Caviezel), who quit his job to travel to Colombia to save a little girl who had been sex trafficked. The film exposes the very real issue of child trafficking, something that many argue is frequently swept under the rug in this country.

Trump hosted a screening for Sound Of Freedom at his golf club in Bedminster, New Jersey back in November.

“Thank you all so much, that was incredible,” Trump said afterwards before turning to Caviezel and saying, “Jim, that was unbelievable.”

“It’s something that I’m not sure if you’re supposed to enjoy or learn, it’s a combination, but that was a great movie. Now I understand why it’s doing so well,” the former president continued. “It’s setting records by the way, it’s eating the biggest movies out there, they have some of the big summer blockbusters and this is knocking the socks off of them. So that’s pretty good.”

“I hope everybody had a fantastic time, I did, It’s an incredible inspiration,” Trump concluded. “You guys do something very special.”

Check out Trump’s full comments on this in the video below.

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Caviezel Compares Trump To Moses

The morning after the screening, Caviezel praised Trump during an interview with Fox & Friends.

“This is the new Moses. I mean, I’m still Jesus, but he’s the new Moses. Pharaoh, let my children go free,” Caviezel said. This was seemingly a reference to Caviezel playing Jesus Christ in the 2004 Mel Gibson-directed movie Passion Of The Christ.

Caviezel is one of the only stars in Hollywood who has been unafraid to publicly show his support for Trump. We applaud him for continuing to stand by the former president, and we hope more celebrities will do the same in the future!

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