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Somali Mob Brutally Attacks Man in Omar’s District

Brad Sylvester on September 17, 2019

The video depicts a mob suddenly attack a man sitting nearby and proceed to brutally assault him.

The mob punches, hits, and kicks the man, takes running jumps and lands on top of him, and rides over him with a bike before they let him escape.

Violent crimes reportedly increased by 50 percent in 2018, and authorities attribute this rise to Somali gangs. Omar’s district has the highest rate of of terrorist recruits in the United States.




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  • Where's the racial outcry, why can these animals attack a white person and the media, the local Govt. don't care. Maybe a little concealed carry is needed.

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  • The Twin Cities, the new kingdom of Wakanda. The new Queen is her royal heiny, Ilhan Omar and her traveling flea circus.

  • Omar came out of Mogadishu a city destroyed by its factions Islamist extremists for the most part she was then relocated in a Kenyan refugee camp?
    She should know better than most that region is self imploding because of its Islamist practices which has a rich history in slave trading and the oppression of non Muslims.
    Of course that is not a threat to her well being and here we have an example of her repeating and living the dream of her ill formed religion turned into a weapon of hate.

  • Obama orchestrated the relocation of a large migration of Muslims from some of the worst countries imaginable. I think we can all agree Somalia fits the description. He developed "communities" and gave them a voting bloc for their control. I observed what was occurring w/busloads being dumped around the country. Those who did not see this going on 10 years ago are witness to the results.

  • If Ilhan Omar actually married her brother wouldn't she then be Mrs. Ilhan Elmi. Wow, Ilhan Elmi....the same name she was born with?

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