SNL’s Pete Davidson Whines That He Was Forced To Apologize To Veteran Rep. Dan Crenshaw On Live TV


Crenshaw Davidson

On a 2018 episode of “Saturday Night Live,” comedian Pete Davidson mocked Rep. Dan Crenshaw (R-Texas) for losing an eye in Afghanistan, much to the dismay of patriotic Americans everywhere.

Afterwards, Davidson apologized to Crenshaw on the show in what appeared to be a genuine moment, but it appears this was not the case at all, as the comic is now saying that he regrets giving the apology.

In his new standup comedy special “Alive from New York,” Davidson addresses the Crenshaw scandal and claims that he was forced to apologize for his cruel words against his will, according to The Blaze.

“So I made fun of this guy with an eyepatch and then, like, I kind of got forced to apologize,” Davidson said, going on to say that he had gotten death threats. “My roommate (how he refers to his mother) thought I should apologize so that I didn’t get shot in the face.”

In the controversial original segment, Davidson joked about various members of Congress, saying of Crenshaw that he was “surprised he’s a congressional candidate from Texas and not a hitman in a porno movie.”

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Davidson allegedly found out about the cause of Crenshaw’s eye injury right before taking part in the segment, which caused him to add the line “I’m sorry, I know he lost his eye in war or whatever.” Many took this to be a clear sign of disrespect to the military service of a man who made a huge sacrifice for his country.

In his comedy special, Davidson made it clear that the only thing he regrets about this situation is apologizing when he claimed to have needlessly made Crenshaw famous.

“The only thing I did do, which I am guilty of — and I apologize for — is I did make that guy famous and a household name for no reason, right?” Davidson said. “I did what, like, Ariana Grande did for me, right? I sucked his d**k at ‘SNL.'”

You didn’t make Crenshaw famous, Pete Davidson: he was already well known for being a patriot who had made sacrifices the likes of which you have never imagined.

This lack of respect towards members of the military unfortunately seems to be typical among young people these days. With the liberals of the media and Hollywood constantly bashing America, it’s no surprise that youths have lost all respect for the people who fight to protect the freedoms of our great nation.

Situations like this make me fear for the future of America like never before.

This piece originally appeared in LifeZette and is used by permission.

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