If you ever wonder just how bad Democrats suffer from Trump Derangement Syndrome (TDS), the Jussie Smollett controversy tells you everything you need to know.

Despite many red flags about Smollett’s story about being assaulted by Trump supporters, the president’s haters rushed to judgment with uncontrollable emotion. When it began to look more like Smollett and those eager to believe him might have manufactured the whole thing, liberals seemed more upset and disappointed that this supposed “hate crime” didn’t happen!

They justify their delusions by saying, ‘Well, maybe it didn’t happen this time, but we all know Trump supporters are racists.’ Voters with any sense of decency need to take notice of the extreme leftists that have seized the Democrat Party, Hollywood, and media. These leftwing fascists are dangerous and will do anything for power: Lie, cheat with illegal voting, frame enemies with fake crimes, and even commit crimes to justify their end game.

These are not people to be compromised with. They must be resoundingly defeated!

The political left’s obsession with the Politics of Identity and their systemic desire to always promote a divisive identity-based narrative has put them into another embarrassing position.

The truth is so many of these supposed ‘hate crimes’ are perpetrated by the “victims” themselves. How many times have you seen a story about a hate crime and after a few days in the news cycle it turns out to be a fraud? Al Sharpton might the biggest fraudster ever, with his Tawana Brawley hoax, when a young black woman falsely accused four white men of raping her in 1987.

Sharpton milked that controversy for all it was worth even after it was proven to be a sham. His reward? MSNBC gave him an office and his show.

When hearing about such scams, liberals will often say, ‘Okay, this one turned out to be a hoax, but there are plenty of other cases that were real.’ But when you ask them to name some that were proven  by credible evidence, their answer is usually something like, ‘There are so many accusations like this, if even X% (insert whatever number they might choose) is true, it’s a horrifying problem.’

Their reasoning is that ten unproven accusations are as good as one proven one. I remember reading an article by a lawyer once where he basically said that, ‘multiplication of charges is not evidence.’ If someone makes ten accusations and nine of them turn out to be lies, it’s probably true that the tenth is a lie too. Liberals conclude that if the first nine accusation were lies, then the tenth must be true.

This is nuts.

Smollett is symptomatic of a whole generation of “victim” groups who have been indoctrinated from kindergarten up to be OBSESSED with their own “victimhood.”

Meanwhile, those of us who actually grew up understand that life is unfair and that we all have our challenges. We’re more concerned with doing what it takes to do to achieve our goals in life.

Most people have more common sense than Smollett and those eager to believe him. Most people would also feel–dare I use the word–‘privileged’ to have a regular role on a prime-time TV show.