The spate of professional athletes refusing to meet with President Trump at the White House has gotten out of control.

First, the Philadelphia Eagles refused to meet with the President after their first Super Bowl win. While it’s true Trump did disinvite the team, only 2 players were actually planning to attend the awards ceremony. (RELATED: Philadelphia Eagles Fans Support President Trump’s Decision to Rescind Team Invite).

Then Lebron James, whose own Cleveland Cavaliers are getting beat harder in the NBA finals than a punching bag, said that if his team somehow came back to beat the Golden State Warriors, nobody would be going to the White House to celebrate. (RELATED: Whiny LeBron James Responds to Trump’s Eagles Controversy).

This is all pathetic. Why let personal politics get in the way of sports and citizenship? Yes, we all have our differences. That shouldn’t make it OK to disrespect the president of the United States. It’s all a sad sight to see.

But it hasn’t stopped there. A player from the Washington Capitals, which is only one game away from winning the Stanley Cup, has announced he won’t visit the White House should his team win. The Daily Mail reports:

Do not count on Devante Smith-Pelly attending a White House celebration with President Donald Trump if the Washington Capitals go on to win their first Stanley Cup.

‘The things that he spews are straight-up racist and sexist,’ Canada’s Postmedia quoted Smith-Pelly as saying Wednesday as the Capitals prepared for Thursday’s Game 5 against the Vegas Golden Knights, where Washington can capture the franchise’s first Stanley Cup.

This is bad. And it’s made even worse by the fact that Washington is the Capitals’ hometown! You really can’t suck it up and go 5 blocks away from your home stadium to meet the president?

It’s pathetic. And Smith-Pelly should be ashamed.

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