President Trump isn’t letting the NFL kneeling controversy go. And why should he? The League already backed down and announced that starting next season it will no longer condone players disrespecting our National Anthem. (RELATED: NFL’s New National Anthem Policy Is a Win For Trump).

Today, the Super Bowl champion Philadelphia Eagles were set to visit the White House. But, instead of coming as a full team to receive such an honor, many on the team decided not to come, prompting Trump to rescind their invitation. Instead, the President will celebrate our country with a very special ceremony. (RELATED: Trump Cancels Super Bowl Champion Eagles’ Visit – Taunts NFL Players for Kneeling During National Anthem).

The team shot back at Trump with its own subtle message shortly after being disinvited:

The mayor of Philadelphia, who had absolutely nothing to do with the Super Bowl win, also felt the need to needle Trump:

It’s well known that the owner of the Eagles is no fan of the President himself, previously describing Trump’s presidency as “disastrous.”

Now, Eagles fans are weighing in on the controversy. And, to no one’s surprise, many are siding with President Trump and his defense of national pride. Take a look at Eagles fans who are sticking by the President:

Fans are not pleased by the disrespect shown to both the President and to the country. And why should they be? Without America, there is no NFL. Pride in one’s country should come before any sport.

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