SICK: Liberal Podcaster Ethan Klein Planning a ‘Mock Execution of Jesus Christ’ for Christmas

Ethan Klein, a popular YouTube podcaster, said in a recent clip that he planned to hold a "mock execution of Jesus Christ" dedicated to white nationalist Nick Fuentes.
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Ethan Klein, a popular left-wing YouTube podcaster, said in a recent clip that he planned to hold a “mock execution of Jesus Christ” dedicated to white nationalist Nick Fuentes.

While I loathe bringing attention to people who rose to fame by making videos from their parent’s basement because they don’t have friends in real life, Klein’s comments show the denigration of religion in today’s culture wars. Particularly Christianity.

In the clip, Klein, who is known for engaging in satire, ‘joked’ that someone should give him the “spear” so he can use it on Jesus.

His co-host, an apparent love child of Dave Grohl and Russell Brand minus the cool factor, warned that the comments were going to “piss off … the weird hysterical nerds.”

Self-awareness: -500 points.

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Ethan Klein Says He’d ‘Spear’ Jesus

In the video, Klein looks around the room for approval after each ‘joke’ about Jesus Christ.

“Give me the hammer, the spikes, I’m putting that b**** up there,” he continued.

“You know what I’m planning this Christmas?” Klein adds. “A mock execution of Jesus Christ dedicated to Nick Fuentes.”

Fuentes is a little-known figure who has ironically gained exponentially more fame thanks to the fake news media relentlessly hyping him.

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Klein Was Banned From Twitter

According to Celebrity Net Worth, Ethan and his wife Hila (yes, somebody’s eyesight is THAT bad) have an estimated net worth of approximately $20 million, as of October 2022.

A shining illustration of how social media elevates people who, under normal circumstances, wouldn’t be able to hold down a job as a fry cook at their local McDonald’s.

In another example of his ‘edgy’ comedy and intellectual satire, Ethan Klein was suspended from his money-making platform YouTube for joking about another Holocaust and wishing Jewish political pundit Ben Shapiro “gets gassed first.”

“If there’s another Holocaust and people start rounding up the Jews again, I hope Ben gets gassed first,” he mused. “Or last.”

Klein was banned last month from Twitter for impersonating Elon Musk with his account.

Ethan Klein and his wife Hila purchased a $9 million mansion in Bel Air in 2019, and also own a home in Encino, California, according to Dirt, a celebrity real-estate magazine.

His name comes up on OpenSecrets in that location twice as having donated small sums of money to the campaigns of Senator Bernie Sanders and President Joe Biden.

One donation lists his occupation as ‘entertainer’ while the other lists it as ‘toilet cleaner.’

He’s much closer to the latter than the former.

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