Shocker: Companies That Go Political Have Trouble Hiring Workers

With the nation emerging from a decimated pandemic economy, millions of businesses are begging to hire help. 

We’ve heard a lot from the left that unemployed Americans are not necessarily willing to work for “low” wages anymore – but a new report from Axios gives another interesting view.

Turns out, companies that go political and take public stands on issues have a hard time hiring employees who disagree with those views.

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Workers Of Every Political Stripe Being Discerning

A new University of Iowa study says that, whether it is companies who have a reputation of leaning left like Starbucks, or lean right like Chick-Fil-A, employees may stay away.

According to the study, 58% of those looking for a job say that the political views of potential employers are “somewhat important”, another 36% said those views were “very” important.

The results of the study also say that 40% said they would be “discouraged” from applying to a business or company that had differing public political positions from their own. Even more interesting, 34% said they would withdraw an application if they found out after applying and sending in a resume that they disagreed with a company’s views.

And 54% said they would be less willing to accept a job offer from an employer that they learned had differing viewpoints.

Every aspect of our life is becoming political.

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At least in recent years, most people would agree that the instances of companies “going woke” vastly outnumber companies that express even timid conservative views.

That vacuum has led to some companies explicitly branded as conservative. 

Services like Mammoth Nation maybe the shape of things to come. It is an online shopping platform that features American owned and operated businesses. They also openly support conservative causes and candidates.

Currently, the service has over 20,000 businesses signed on and around 25,000 Facebook followers.  

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Go Woke And You Might Remain Short Handed

Philip Roth, professor in the department of management at Clemson University, says this study is a first on this issue. He says that, as Americans have become more politically polarized, many of the CEO’s of companies have also taken sides.

Roth says that there are two factors that employees tend to consider about potential employers political leanings. One is obvious polarization. The other is the relationship between politics and values, attitudes and beliefs.

Roth explained further, “If an organization gives lots of money to one party and you’re of the opposite party, you may see that organization as not fitting with your values, attitudes, and beliefs, which are often strongly held.”

Roth predicted this may be something that is not going away anytime soon. “I think we’re going to see more of this trend as we see more organizations continuing to get involved with parties and advocating particular issues. I think this corporate advocacy is probably likely to ramp up rather than ramp down.”


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