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Poll Shows Trump is Just as Popular as Obama

Donald Trump is only four days into his presidency and we’re already being told by the liberal media that the new president is wildly unpopular.

Take a look at Gallup’s poll, and it looks like only 45 percent of Americans approve of his job performance so far. Business Insider points out that, historically, this would make Trump the first president to score an initial approval rating below 50 percent in the history of the poll, which began during Eisenhower’s first term in 1953. However, both George H.W. Bush and Ronald Reagan came close to that 50 percent mark – polling barely above it initially (each polling at 51 percent).

That wasn’t the only pessimistic survey. A CNN/ORC survey showed that only 40 percent of Americans approved of how Trump handled his transition.

Naturally, Trump has fired back, stating that he doesn’t buy it.

In fact, the only poll I could find from before the election that gave Trump even a remote chance of winning came from Rasmussen, which only had Hillary ahead by two points on November 7th, a day before the election.

So what about Trump’s popularity rating now? 

Rasmussen ranks Trump’s popularity a heck of a lot higher than Gallup and the other polls mentioned.

According to their poll, 57 percent of likely U.S. Voters approve of President Trump’s job performance. Forty-three percent (43%) disapprove. By contrast, this isn’t far off Obama’s approval four days in, which Rasmussen had at 61/33 approval/disapproval.

In fact, throughout his presidency, Obama maintained a lower average approval rating than most others. From CNS News:

trump approval rating

“After his first year,” the Gallup analysis said of Obama’s poll numbers, “he received sustained majority approval only once more during his first term in office. Fortunately for him, that came during his 16th quarter in office — around the time he was re-elected in the fall of 2012. Shortly after his second term began, his support dipped back into the 40s and did not return to the majority level again until his final year in office.”

Obama’s lowest approval ratings coincided with events focused on the debt, employment and the Islamic State, Gallup reports.

“At various points in his presidency his approval ratings dipped to 38%,” said Gallup. “This included in August and October 2011 after contentious negotiations over the debt ceiling limit and subsequent downgrading of the U.S. credit rating. Obama also failed to generate sufficient support for legislation designed to address the still-weak employment situation.

Two impeached Presidents and George W. Bush top Obama in popularity. Given how much time the man spent blaming Bush for his problems, that has to hurt.

But to be sure, we should be very skeptical of anti-Trump polls.

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