She’s Back: WaPo Republican Journalist Says Trump Supporters Are Not College Educated

Washington Post journalist and opinion writer Jennifer Rubin claims to be a conservative Republican. Still, every time I see her on television, she is calling out the Republican party for something and siding with the Democrats.

On Wednesday, Rubin replied to a tweet by author Tom Nichols that Trump supporters were not college-educated. I guess this was a slam at individuals that support President Trump against the one-sided impeachment battle looming in the House of Representatives.

Why is that, Jennifer? Do you expect all college-educated Americans to leave college thoroughly indoctrinated into the liberal way? Well, too bad for you that some of us (with advanced degrees) retained our critical thinking skills!

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Nichols, who is not a Trump supporter, called out the masses on his Twitter timeline when he said, “Listening to this debate on the radio rather than watching it on TV brings out the similar speech patterns and accents of the Trump defenders. Make of that what you will. It seems to be the GOP is headed for becoming a rump regional party of the South and the mountains.”

That’s when Rubin responded that the supporters are not college-educated. That drew a quick rebuke from the Media Research Center Vice President.

Media Research Center Vice President Dan Gainor told Fox News that Rubin “hilariously claims she is a conservative blogger” but simply has been “an outright bigot” these days.

“She has embraced every leftist hatred of the right — including saying that people who have Southern accents are the ‘the non-college educated,’” Gainor said. “She’s become the ultimate example of how ignorant, out-of-touch and mean-spirited journalism has become.”

Earlier this year, Rubin pushed for Americans to work together to “burn down the Republican party” in the hopes of extinguishing any trace of the enthusiasm for Trump.

“It’s not only that Trump has to lose, but that all his enablers have to lose,” she said on MSNBC. “We have to collectively, in essence, burn down the Republican Party.”

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Jen, you need to get out more often. Ninety percent of the highly educated engineers and software developers at my high tech place of business are Trump supporters. You wish we fit into a neat little category, don’t you? But we are all walks of life, colors, lifestyles.

She might want to rethink that assumption. Many of us are educated with both undergraduate and advanced graduate degrees. Some of us have real degrees in business, engineering, and the sciences (and not fluff degrees like communications and journalism, which you can obtain without knowing how to spell or use the proper grammar).

What Rubin doesn’t get is that Trump supporters take-on every possible accent you’ll hear in these great United States and that regardless of what that accent may be or how educated/un-educated we may sound sometimes, it’s apparent we’re the only ones intelligent enough to “answer” direct questions in defending our positions.

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