Sheriff Clarke: Obama Poured The Gasoline That Started The Fire In Dallas


After the deadly Dallas shooting attack on police officers, Sheriff David Clarke has been palpably p***ed off with President Obama.

And rightfully so.

Hours before the Dallas tragedy, Obama used divisive statements to further an already widening racial divide when he commented on a pair of police shootings, one in Baton Rouge and another in Minnesota. Each incident involved a white police officer shooting a black person.

“These are not isolated incidents,” Obama claimed, “they are symptomatic of a broader set of racial disparities that exist in our criminal justice system.”

The ‘criminal justice system’ comment was a direct insult to law enforcement, who Obama believes do not treat African-Americans the same because of “the color of their skin.”

As the harrowing situation unfolded in Dallas, Clarke took to social media and blasted the President.

Sheriff Clarke wasn’t through with Obama, saying on Fox News that “he fuels this sort of anger.”

Via Real Clear Politics:

“He (Obama) didn’t cause this, but you know what, he fuels this sort of misplaced anger” says Sheriff David Clarke in the aftermath of the police being targeted by deadly sniper attacks in Dallas, TX

SHERIFF DAVID CLARKE: What can you say? This is horrible. Beyond belief for the American law enforcement community.

I want to know — have we heard from the cop-hater in chief yet about this?

Have we heard from Mrs. Bill Clinton who threw up the hashtag #BlackLivesMatter yesterday?

The extraordinary situation, the two situations in Louisiana and Minnesota, horrible no doubt, but when the commander in chief opens his mouth and sticks his foot in it, he just is exploiting things that don’t exist. He has no evidence, this is the stuff.

He didn’t didn’t cause this, but you know what, he fuels this sort of misplaced anger about things going on thousands of miles away, this didn’t happen anywhere near Dallas.

Watch the fiery Sheriff Clarke below …

Comment: Is Obama partially to blame for this kind of violence due to his history of anti-police statements? Share your thoughts below.

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