Sheriff Clarke Hammers Liberals Who Do THIS for Criminals


In discussing the recent shooting of NYPD officer Randolph Holder, Sheriff David Clarke ripped liberal policies that allowed Holder’s killer to be arrested 15 times yet still remain on the streets just because they’d rather decrease the prison population.

Clarke’s comments are especially prescient considering leftists have announced the release of thousands of criminals by November 2nd to help ease “overcrowding.”

The Sheriff said such policies amount to giving career criminals a “get out of jail free” card which helps low-level offenders graduate to “felonious conduct.”

Or in the case of Hunter’s killer, graduate from bicycle theft to cop killer.

Watch Clarke’s statements below …

Via Fox News Insider:

Clarke noted that Officer Randolph Holder’s killer had been arrested at least 15 times and was back on the street due to a program made to shrink the prison population.

He slammed the liberals’ “get out of jail free” policy, as it releases thousands of dangerous criminals onto the streets of our country.

“They fail to understand that these creeps graduate to felonious conduct. They don’t start with felonious conduct, they graduate,” Clarke said. “So they want to term this as a low-level offender. How do you go from stealing a bike to murdering a police officer? It happens over time.”

“We have got to put our foot down and we have got to start pushing back aggressively on this mass prison release back into our communities of these criminals.”

Have liberal policies and rhetoric led to an unprecedented level of violence against police officers? Tell us what you think.

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