Fox News’ Shep Smith Says That He Couldn’t Book Any Republicans Following Charlottesville

President Trump’s obstinate stand after the Charlottesville tragedy has Republicans unsure of where they stand: Do they stand with their president and their voters, or do they stand with liberals hell-bent on erasing our shared history?

Surprise, surprise, congressional Republicans are cowering in the face of media criticism. Fox News’ Shep Smith made an announcement on his Wednesday show. Apparently the network had scoured the country looking for a Republican to defend Trump’s comments. They came up with nothing:

Fox News host Shepard Smith said Wednesday his booking team was unable to find a single Republican willing to come on his show and defend President Donald Trump’s remarks on the violence that occurred over the weekend in Charlottesville, Virginia.

“Our booking team — and they’re good — reached out to Republicans of all stripes across the country today,” Smith said on his show, Shepard Smith Reporting.

“Let’s be honest, Republicans don’t often really mind coming on Fox News Channel. We couldn’t get anyone to come and defend him here because we thought, in balance, someone should do that,” Smith said.

This is all very curious given that a majority of Republicans support President Trump’s reaction to the horrific Charlottesville attacks.

Well, would you look at that! Despite most Republicans approving of President Trump’s comments, congressional GOP members couldn’t be bothered to stand up for their president and the truth. Trump condemned violence on both sides, and explicitly denounced white supremacy. But it’s never enough for liberals, and congressional Republicans love nothing more than to suck up to the very media that hates their guts.

Case in point: John McCain.

Let’s be very clear: If any other Republican were president right now, they would have folded like printer paper within ten seconds of the liberal media complaining. Trump is the only Republican with a backbone, willing to stand up and represent the people who put him in office.

Congressional Republicans, cowards all.

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