‘She Was 17, I Was 40’ – Biden Makes Disturbing Comment About Actress Eva Longoria

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President Joe Biden made a joke about the former “Desperate Housewives” star Eva Longoria last night that can only be described as cringey.

Biden’s Bizarre Joke

Daily Mail reported that while speaking at the White House on Thursday night, Biden said that he had known Longoria for “a long time.”

“She was 17, I was 40,” Biden, 80, said of the 48 year-old actress as the crowd laughed.

Biden held the hands of both Longoria and his wife Jill, 72, as they walked out onto the South Lawn to give a speech at a screening of Longoria’s new film, Flamin’ Hot, which is her directorial debut. The movie portrays the debunked story of Richard Montañez, who claimed to be the inventor of Flamin’ Hot Cheetos before a 2021 Los Angeles Times investigation reported otherwise.

“As you may have heard already, Richard Montañez disrupted the food industry in the 90s by channeling his Mexican-American heritage to help turn Flamin’ Hot Cheetos into a multi-billion dollar brand today and a cultural phenomenon,” Longoria said. “We’re telling a story that celebrates the American entrepreneurial dream without sidestepping the fact that the dream isn’t available in the same way for everyone.”

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Longoria Complains About Racial Opportunities 

Longoria went on to lament that while talent has been “evenly distributed in this world – opportunities have not been.”

“Which is why we rarely get to see movies where we are the heroes,” she continued, referring to the Latina community. “Let alone a janitor-turned-corporate executive. So I knew I wanted to highlight his story, his life and the importance and power of the Latino community within American culture. So we worked hard to produce this authentic film steeped in inclusion – both in front of and behind the cameras.”

Longoria also gushed over working with Biden.

“And it has always been a great joy,” she said of this. “We share so much. He’s been a champion for working people in search of the American dream.”

Longoria then said that thanks to Biden, “there’s going to be a lot more Richard Montañezes ready and waiting to take their shot to make history.”

“The man who’s been fighting for us all, fighting for Latinos, fighting for Americans, fighting for workers and most importantly – fighting for democracy,” she stated. “A man who understand and embodies the values of family, community and perseverance.”

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‘I’m Jill Biden’s Husband’

When Biden spoke, he introduced himself by saying, “I’m Jill Biden’s husband.”

After someone in the crowd shouted “I love you,” Biden oddly replied by saying, “I accept!”

The White House has since released a statement saying that Longoria’s movie was screened because it celebrates diversity.

“This film is about the strength of faith and family to empower and uplift. Similar to other White House screenings of Till and ‘American Born Chinese,’ this is an opportunity for Americans from different backgrounds to see themselves reflected in, and celebrated by, the White House,” this statement read.

Biden’s bizarre joke about Longoria is just the latest in a long line of instances in which he’s looked like an absolute creep among women. Had a Republican like Donald Trump made the same joke, there’s no doubt that it would be all over the mainstream media.

Since it was Biden, however, it’s being swept under the rug.

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