Sharpton Releases Statement Concerning Walter Scott – Twitter Reacts!


One thing the Walter Scott family doesn’t need right now is Al Sharpton. The process needs to be allowed to work as the nation saw the horrifying video of former Officer Michael Slager gun down Scott as he was running away. Sharpton went to twitter to inform his flock of his intention of visiting North Charleston in support of the Scott family.

Sharpton is convening his National Action Network Conference this week but released the following statement from his website:

“Walter Scott’s death is a senseless tragedy and we commend the city of North Charleston for acting swiftly to deliver justice in this case. NAN’s South Carolina chapter leaders have been with the family since Saturday and our thoughts and prayers are with them and the entire community of North Charleston. I have spoken with the Scott’s family attorney, Chris Stewart, and plan to visit North Charleston very soon.

“When a black man is stopped for a broken tail light and ends up being shot multiple times in the back, it is yet another reminder that we need a national strategy to implement real and meaningful police reform now. We simply can’t rely on citizens with video cameras to make sure justice is served. We know that the majority of police officers are fair and just public servants, but the events of the past year show we still have a long way to go to ensure every citizen in America is treated equally in the eyes of law enforcement. The time to act is now.”

Walter Scott Killer Charged! Demonstrations Scheduled! Did I Miss Something?

Social media quickly took to Al Sharpton’s twitter timeline and responded to his intentions:

H/T – National Action Network

Do you think Al Sharpton should go to North Charleston to support the Walter Scott family or should he stay away? Share your comments below!

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