Sharon Osbourne Reveals She Tried To Kill Herself After Learning Ozzy Cheated

Sharon Osbourne
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Sharon Osbourne dropped a bomb this week when she revealed that she attempted suicide after learning that her Black Sabbath frontman Ozzy carried out a four year affair with a hairdresser from 2012-2016.

Sharon Admits She Attempted Suicide

Sharon, 71, admitted that she tried to overdose after learning that Ozzy, 75, had cheated on her with the hairdresser Michelle Pugh.

“He always, always had groupies and I was so used to that,” Sharon explained, according to The Mirror. “But when he knows the name of the person, where they live and where they work… it is a whole different thing as you are emotionally invested. I took, I don’t know how many pills.”

“I just thought ‘My kids are older, they are fine and can take care of themselves,'” Sharon continued. “So I took an overdose and locked myself in the bedroom. The maid tried to come in to clean room and saw me.”

Sharon And Ozzy Separated Then Reconciled

Sharon and Ozzy separated in 2016 after the affair came to light, but they never actually divorced and have since worked things out. The next year, they renewed their vows in an intimate ceremony in Las Vegas, Nevada.

“For me, this was actually our real wedding day. This is the one that I will remember. Sharon and I have been through so much, and this honestly feels like a new beginning,” Ozzy told Hello! Magazine at the time.

“I made a huge mistake,” he continued. “Without Sharon, I am nothing. I love her. I can honestly say that I have never loved anybody other than my wife.”

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Sharon Praises Ozzy

In her latest comments, Sharon praised Ozzy as he prepares to perform again in his hometown of Birmingham despite his grueling battle with Parkinson’s disease.

 “He won’t tour again but we are planning on doing two more shows to say goodbye as he feels like ‘I have never said goodbye to my fans and I want to say goodbye,'” she said. “His voice is still absolutely perfect. And all the time he has been off he still does his singing lessons. Even if you don’t like his music, you can’t not like Ozzy. We will do it in Aston Villa where Ozzy is from.” 

Sharon went on to say that after forty years of marriage, Sharon and Ozzy now rely on one another.

“A therapist would diagnose him as an addict and me as a nutter but we are totally co-dependent,” she said.

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Ozzy Regrets Cheating

Ozzy has been open in the past about regretting his indiscretions.

“I’ve done some pretty outrageous things in my life. I regret cheating on my wife. I don’t do it anymore,” he told British GQ in 2020. “I got my reality check and I’m lucky she didn’t leave me. I’m not proud of that. I was pissed off with myself. But I broke her heart.”

“We never gave up on each other,” Sharon told People Magazine when celebrating her 40th wedding anniversary in 2022. “I mean, I wasn’t a saint. Ozzy wasn’t a saint. I gave him as good as he gave me. We’re just meant to be.”

Sharon’s revelation that she attempted suicide shows that you never really know what someone is going through behind the scenes. Please join us in saying a prayer for her and her mental health in the years to come!

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