Senator John Fetterman Just Chaired His First Senate Hearing: Here’s How Badly He Struggled

John Fetterman returned to Congress, immediately delivering a speech at a subcommittee hearing and sparking concerns about his health.
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Senator John Fetterman returned to Congress Wednesday after being hospitalized for several weeks with clinical depression.

He was immediately thrust into the spotlight, chairing a Senate subcommittee hearing focused on the benefits of the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP), better known as food stamps.

Things went about as smoothly as you’d expect, with the Pennsylvania Democrat struggling through his opening remarks. Video of the proceedings raised continuing concerns about Fetterman’s well-being as he struggled to read even basic statements.

The process of greeting members of the subcommittee and discussing the benefits of the SNAP program proved too much.

Just check out this masterpiece of oratory right here. This is the best I can make out: “Americans like Jer… about [?‍♂️?‍♂️?‍♂️] from the (nath?), to the town of Northeast in Pennsylvania, tells me that his victim was skimming, which was somebody stole money and he relied from his SNAP EBT.”

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Fetterman’s Speech at Hearing Is … Something

Choosing your favorite part of that video is like asking one to choose their favorite STD – none of the options are good.

And yet, we feel compelled to ask for your feedback. So which is it?

  • The guy in the background mouthing the words of the speech, wide-eyed and practically trying to will Fetterman through the painful comments?
  • The wide-angle shot of the hearing participants – both serving on the committee and the witnesses – trying to maintain a straight face, staring on at the proceedings clearly, but subtly bemused by what they are witnessing?
  • The fact that Fetterman’s reading level appears to be the same as elementary school children reading the Dick and Jane book series? See Spot run. Spot runs fast. Go, Spot, Go!

Things didn’t exactly improve as the hearing moved forward.

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The Man is Not Well

Fetterman’s speech didn’t exactly put to rest speculation that he is not fit to serve in Congress. He is clearly still suffering residual effects from a stroke he suffered last May.

“Nothing says John Fetterman isn’t fit to serve quite like him attempting to chair a committee hearing today,” tweeted comedian Tim Young. “This is pathetic and Democrats should be ashamed of themselves for continuing to wheel him out.”

“Good lord. This dude is not remotely well or able to do this job,” wrote Outkick founder Clay Travis.

Fetterman’s hearing speech comes as he returned to the chamber following a six-week stay in the hospital where he was treated for clinical depression.

On Monday, he sparked controversy by returning to the Senate chambers sporting baggy shorts and an oversized black Carhartt hoodie sweatshirt.

The slovenly Senator’s appearance was an embarrassment to the country and to the Pennsylvania voters who ever thought he was worthy of serving.

“It’s great to be back. Thank you,” Fetterman told reporters.

The New York Times printed a report in February describing how Senate colleagues have had to adjust to the Pennsylvania congressman’s “special needs.”

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Auditory issues since his stroke have caused Fetterman to hear voices that sound like the teacher in the “Peanuts” cartoons.

He needs special monitors and tablets to understand a basic conversation.

His performance in this hearing seems to suggest he not only struggles to hear, but struggles to speak and maintain clear thought.

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