Tucker Carlson: How Can John Fetterman Co-Sponsor Legislation From the ‘Psych Ward’?

Tucker Carlson addressed the mystery surrounding Senator John Fetterman, who recently co-sponsored legislation despite being hospitalized for clinical depression.
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Fox News personality Tucker Carlson addressed the mystery surrounding Senator John Fetterman, who recently co-sponsored legislation despite being hospitalized for clinical depression.

In fact, Fetterman somehow, despite checking himself into Walter Reed National Military Medical Center for treatment 19 days ago, has managed to co-sponsor legislation three times in the past week alone.

The Pennsylvania Democrat’s name appears on legislation to amend the National Labor Relations Act, a bill to enhance rail safety in light of the recent East Palestine train derailment, and an effort to amend the Fair Labor Standards Act of 1938.

He did all of this while being so thoroughly incapable of serving in the Senate like his colleagues that he remains an inpatient at Walter Reed.

New York University medical professor Dr. Marc Siegel explained that while the details of his hospital stay remain vague or even non-existent, the fact that he is reportedly being briefed and working while being treated for such a condition is “very unusual.”

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Tucker Carlson Wants to Know How Fetterman Can Co-Sponsor Legislation

We’ve gone well past the ‘unusual’ stage of what Democrats are doing to John Fetterman. And yet the media at large remains completely uncurious.

Imagine if you will, a Matt Gaetz or a Lauren Boebert being hospitalized for some sort of mental or emotional issue, after having suffered a stroke, essentially disappearing for weeks, but somehow managing to co-sponsor legislation as John Fetterman has.

You’d think the media would be asking more than a few questions.

Fox News host Tucker Carlson appears to be one of only a few people with the intellectual curiosity to wonder what the hell is going on.

“Fetterman got to Washington in January and within a month suffered a mental breakdown so severe that he wound up in the psych ward where he remains tonight,” Carlson recalled.

“He has not appeared in public since. And we’re supposed to think that’s not a big deal,” he added. “We’re not even supposed to think about it and just show how completely normal it is for newly elected U.S. senators to have a mental breakdown and disappear from public view.”

Carlson continued by addressing the rail safety legislation that Fetterman co-sponsored from a hospital bed.

“So here you have a guy who’s getting round-the-clock psychiatric care deciding how to prevent train derailments,” he lamented.

“There’s so many questions here. But the most obvious one is a logistical question: How is John Fetterman doing this if he’s in the psych ward?” continued Carlson. “And we don’t know because no one will say.”

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Democrats are the Weekend at Bernie’s Party

Senator Fetterman’s career in Congress has been short, but already a wellness disaster by any measuring stick. We sincerely feel bad for the man.

Prior to being elected, Fetterman had experienced a stroke which left him quite obviously unable to understand words and meanings, or even to express the same.

“Hi. Good night, everybody.”

One month into his term, he was hospitalized overnight after reportedly feeling ‘lightheaded’ during a Democratic retreat.

Shortly after that, reports surfaced that Fetterman was struggling to adapt to life in the Senate as he coped with auditory issues since the stroke causing him to hear voices that sound like the teacher in the “Peanuts” cartoons.

The New York Times printed a lengthy report describing how Senate colleagues have had to adjust to the Pennsylvania congressman’s “special needs.”

And now, as Carlson describes, Fetterman “suffered a mental breakdown so severe that he wound up in the psych ward where he remains tonight.”

It’s apparent Democrats – particularly those embarrassments in Pennsylvania – are becoming the Weekend at Bernie’s party.

They helped propel a feeble and barely coherent man into the White House in 2020. They sent a feeble and barely coherent man to serve in the Senate in 2022.

In fact, they even re-elected a dead man named Tony DeLuca to the Pennsylvania House of Representatives in the same year they felt Fetterman was a good choice.

“The candidate himself was irrelevant,” Carlson said, referencing Biden’s presidential run but could easily be applied to all three aforementioned men.

“What mattered was the power of the office. Democrats just wanted the seat. The details of who occupied it didn’t matter to them,” he added.

They don’t care if the candidates are incapable. They don’t care about their health or if the strain of these roles in public life is killing them. They don’t even care if they’re already dead.

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