It’s still anyone’s guess what former Fox News host Bill O’Reilly’s future will be. It was rumored a few months ago that O’Reilly was in the market for a new TV network. This new network was supposed to have a pro-Trump tilt. Unfortunately, nothing ever came of those rumors.

One Fox host, however, wants the king of the “No Spin Zone” to return home.

Sean Hannity had O’Reilly on his radio show earlier this week and begged the once-popular host to come back to the network he helped build.

During a segment devoted to O’Reilly’s new book, “Killing England,” Hannity was direct: “I think you should come back [to Fox].”

He went on to say that he gets asked every day how O’Reilly is doing, and when he’ll be returning to Fox.

You can hear the entire interview below:

O’Reilly informed Hannity that he is continuing to fight what he is calling a “conspiracy” that got him fired. We reported last week that the woman who accused O’Reilly of sexual harassment has a history of making false charges.

If this is true, then it means that O’Reilly may have a case to be reinstated. I always thought Fox acted too quick in ousting the network’s most popular host. O’Reilly was dogged by allegations of sexual harassment for years. He was only let go because the New York Times exposed settlement payments related to the allegations.

O’Reilly  maintained his innocence throughout the ordeal. Fox canned him anyway. I always found that situation very curious.

I hope O’Reilly is finally able to find vindication and return to Fox News. The network is clearly suffering without him, as ratings have fallen dramatically since his departure.

What do you think? Is Sean Hannity right? Should O’Reilly keep fighting to return to Fox News? Tell us your thoughts below and share this story over Facebook and Twitter!

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