Woman Claims She Had an Affair With Sheriff Israel at Age 17

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Five years ago, a young woman uploaded a series of videos to a YouTube channel she titled “Barry Israel,” presumably so it would show up in the search results if anyone searched for Sheriff Scott Israel. Clearly nobody had bothered to, because the videos, which allege to “expose” Sheriff Israel, didn’t actually begin racking up any views until recently.

Currently, Sheriff Israel is fighting for his public image following revelations that members of his department did nothing as the tragic shooting at Stoneman Douglas high school raged on. In the years leading up to the massacre, Israel’s department received at least 23 calls that involved the Parkland shooter; and at least 18 calls involving the shooter’s behavior directly.

Making matters worse, Israel has tried to defend the actions of the armed guards who did nothing as the shooting unfolded. He said to CNN’s Jake Tapper in their defense: “If ifs and buts were candy and nuts, O.J. Simpson would still be in the record books.” Tapper hilariously replied: “I don’t know what that means.”

Sheriff Israel has expressed no intent on resigning his position (as many have called for him to do), but apparently he’s been a controversial man even before he was elevated to a national stage. Back in late 2012, an unidentified woman claims to have been in a six-month-long relationship with Israel when she was seventeen years old, in which she alleges that she was forced by Israel to have an abortion.

The videos description reads: “You know about the illegitimate child of Broward County Sheriff’s candidate Scott Israel. The happily married father of triplets, also had a girlfriend who had an abortion. Scott’s family and friends know nothing about this ‘friend’ he kept on the side for six-months.”

She continues: “Integrity? That’s Scott Israel. Illegitimate children? That’s Scott Israel. A much younger girlfriend on the side? That’s Scott Israel. A former girlfriend who had to have an abortion?  That’s Scott Israel. When voting on November 6th, please vote Scott Israel for Broward County Sheriff.”

Watch below:

Aside from three brief videos uploaded in 2012, there’s no other activity on that YouTube channel.

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