Sen. Chuck Schumer wants to get this out there early before Thanksgiving so that the media will carry his concerns about a government shutdown and blaming President Trump for it once it happens.

Oh, now that’s slick! Accuse Trump of shutting down the government if he doesn’t sign a funding bill loaded with crappy expenditures for all of the Democrats’ little projects! I see where this lie is going already! It’s amazing the manipulation these people can come up with, I’m beginning to understand just how crooked these politicians are now!


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What does it matter as the government isn’t doing anything right now anyway? Almost all of the effort is on impeaching Trump, not doing anything for us average Joes. Democrats are only focused on impeachment. That’s it. Want a trade deal? Nope. Want immigration reform? Nope. Want an infrastructure deal? Nope.

It’s all about the impeachment.

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If Congress had been doing its job they would have sent the President a budget bill before October 1st when the fiscal year begins. However, they are more interested in month-long vacations and trying to impeach the President.

I’m increasingly worried Schumer and Adam Schiff will elope and get married. To each other.

“I’m increasingly worried that President Trump may want to shut down the government again because of impeachment … He always likes to create diversions,” Schumer said during a weekly press conference on Tuesday.

“I hope and pray he won’t want to cause another government shutdown because it might be a diversion,” the senator from New York added.

Lawmakers have been working on funding the government ahead of a looming Nov. 21 deadline. A key sticking point in those negotiations, however, is more funding for Trump’s border wall, which Democrats have dismissed as a non-starter.

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Absent a miracle in the next few weeks, Congress will likely need to pass a short-term continuing resolution in order to keep the lights on past the Thanksgiving holiday. Even if Congress does agree on a short-term measure, however — one that will keep the government running until February or March as is currently being discussed by lawmakers, for example — it’s not clear yet whether Trump would sign it into law. He declined to do so last year over border wall funding, to the surprise of many of his party members.

“The president is very committed to the wall … We’re going to fight very hard for those resources,” White House legislative affairs director Eric Ueland told reporters on Tuesday when asked if Trump would sign any spending bill without any additional funding for the border barrier. [Huff Post]

Chuck, like it or not, you have to work with the other people in Congress. You can’t just make edicts. You need to work with the President. It’s how our government was designed. Stop complaining and start reaching across the aisle to get something done besides litigating the 2016 election over and over again.

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I don’t think we would notice if the Congress was shut down for a year. It might actually be better for America. Trump should demand everything he wants in the bill and then just let the date pass until they agree to his budget.

One thing is for sure, the next election will be between capitalism vs. socialism. The government has no money, revenue comes from the people, and the people with the most money will not stay in a socialist environment, leaving lower and middle class to pay for everything – that is until all the jobs are gone yet the government still wants their cut.

Think, study and research. Then vote.

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