Scalise Blasts Dems’ ‘Drunken Spending Spree’ And Failure On Basic ‘Functions Of Government’

Scalise Blasts Dems' 'Drunken Spending Spree’ And Failure On Basic 'Functions Of Government'

On Monday, Republican Congressman Steve Scalise slammed the Democrats’ massive social spending package, which he called a “drunken spending spree” and also said Dem leaders have failed to perform the “basic forms and functions of government.”

Scalise made his comments during an interview on Fox Business Network’s “Mornings with Maria” with Maria Bartiromo.

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Scalise: ‘We’re about to max out our credit card again, and what is their answer?’

Scalise said, “The Democrats have been on this big drunken spending spree, raising taxes, spending trillions of dollars, they’ve neglected to take care of the basic forms and functions of government, and that is with the House, Senate and White House all in Democrat hands.”

“They still haven’t passed an appropriations bill to fund any of the agencies of government properly, through both chambers, so now we’re facing yet another crisis, another shutdown,” Scalise complained.

The Republican explained how reckless Democrats have behaved.

“You’ve got the debt ceiling looming because they’ve spent trillions more dollars, we’re about to max out our credit card again, and what is their answer?” Scalise asked.

He continued, “They passed over to the Senate trillions more in spending, Maria. And by the way, deficit spending, that will all go to the debt.”

“They don’t care about who is going to pay for this,” Scalise said. “They’re going to wait until the midnight hour. This is what Speaker Pelosi always does — wait until the midnight hour — and then blame Republicans somehow when they control the House, Senate and White House. They’re running us up to yet another deadline.”

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Scalise: Americans need to start living ‘within our means and trying to get people back to work, getting our economy back open again’

“They’ll probably do something short-term again because they’re not having any long-term, serious negotiations with Republicans on solving any of these problems,” Scalise said.

He then tried to explain what some good answers might be to these dilemmas. 

“And the answer to the problems, by the way, is not spending trillions more dollars,” Scalise insisted. “It’s not raising taxes on hard-working families. It’s starting to live within our means and trying to get people back to work, getting our economy back open again.”

“Those are the things they should be focused on,” Scalise finished. “It’s not where they are.”

Working Americans are facing some of the worst inflation in decades as the ruling party looks to spend more trillions.


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