After Saving Carrier, Trump Reveals Other Companies He Plans to Help!

Trump Carrier

Earlier this week, President-elect Donald J. Trump announced his team had negotiated a deal with Carrier to keep the company in Indiana and save over 1,000 American jobs!

Well, we are now learning that Carrier is likely to be the first in a long line of companies the administration will try and work with to keep American jobs in this country.

Trump transition spokesman Jason Miller revealed to Fox News that “It’s not just here with Carrier – we’re going to see some future announcements as well, with some other companies that are already working behind the scenes. This is fundamentally going to help our manufacturing industry and so many other industries.”

Trump’s pick to be Secretary of the Treasury, Steven Mnuchin told CNBC that both Trump and Vice President-elect Pence plan “to have open communications with business leaders” something that the previous administration refused to do over the last 8 years.

From Conservative Tribune:

“You can see this started because the president-elect called up the CEO of United Technologies,” he noted.

While neither Miller nor Mnuchin offered any precise details as to what other deals might be in the pipeline, news from The New York Times suggested that they could potentially involve Apple and Microsoft.

During an interview with the paper last week, Trump said he had spoken with Apple CEO Tim Cook about constructing a new production plant in the U.S. versus in a foreign nation such as China. He also admitted to having received a call from Microsoft CEO Bill Gates but refrained from providing the specifics regarding what was discussed.

This is not only a big win for the incoming Trump administration but a big win for American workers, especially those at Carrier who will get to keep their jobs!

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