Even some within the Muslim community can’t help but call out Linda Sarsour for all her insanity.

Sarsour has been a “Muslim-American activist” for a number of years now, but officially rose to prominence as one of the key organizers of the post-inauguration Women’s March. She certainly was a bizarre candidate for someone the media would present as a feminist icon – a Palestinian nationalist, terrorist sympathizer, who was forced into an arranged marriage at 18 (girl power!).

She recently spoke at New York City’s The New School on a panel to discuss anti-Semitism, ironically joining a handful of other public figures who themselves have been accused of anti-Semitism. Sarsour managed to blame the “Jewish media” for the portrayal of her at one point during the event.

She’s a wolf in sheep’s clothing – a radical trying to present herself as a moderate Muslim, and actual moderate Muslims see right through it. According to the Daily Wire, “prominent Islamic reformer Imam Mohammad Tawhidi zapped leftist Islamic activist Linda Sarsour and former President Barack Obama in two tweets on Wednesday.”

More: “Tawhidi’s first tweet took aim at Sarsour, who previously tweeted: ‘Tomorrow is an ELECTION. Take your frustrations to the polls. Vote against bigotry, hate, xenophobia. Use your vote. It counts.'”

Tawhidi replied:

Tawhidi also took a shot at Obama, replying to a tweet by President Trump.

He’s right, by the way. According to the START Global Terrorism Database, terrorism rose a stunning 214% from 2009 to 2015. So, based on the statistics provided by GTD, Tawhidi’s tweet about Obama is accurate.

Hardly surprising when Obama’s foreign policy allowed for a Taliban resurgence, and rise of ISIS in Iraq and Syria. Thank God we elected a president who hasn’t had any problem dealing with the mess Obama left behind.

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