In addition to expressing public support for Sharia Law, you can add charity fraud to the list of Linda Sarsour’s deplorable actions.

In the past, I documented a case in which she had raised $112,000 for a Somali Muslim woman named Rahma Warsame, who was allegedly attacked by a white man in a hate crime. According to the fundraiser langauge, she suffered four missing teeth (but told the police she lost two), a swollen face, busted lips, and a swollen nose as a result of her injuries. She claimed to have been told “you will be shipped back to Africa” while she was being attacked.

The Ohio police determined that the attack wasn’t a hate crime, as the Somali woman in question was part of a mob of men and women who attacked 31-year-old Samantha Morales, a woman of Hispanic descent. Morales was attacked after confronting Warsame, who was outside of her apartment complex yelling and hitting her son with a shoe.

So that was a fail.

Then there was the $162k Sarsour raised to go towards restoring gravestones in Jewish cemeteries that had been destroyed in St. Louis, MO., Chicago, IL., and Rochester, NY. None of those cemeteries ever received the money, and the money hasn’t been refunded.

And with Hurricane Harvey wreaking havoc across Texas, Sarsour is up to her old tricks:

This time, the national co-chair of the Woman’s March has taken to Twitter to raise funds for Hurricane Harvey victims. Or at least that’s what she wants you to believe. Both CRTV’s Nick Short and Weekly Standard’s Jeryl Bier pointed out Sarsour is attempting to raise funds for “community organizing” efforts in the “aftermath of Hurricane Harvey.”

Below is Short calling out Sarsour on Twitter.

“So Linda Sarsour is attempting to exploit the victims of Hurricane  by fundraising off of the disaster. What a fraud,” tweeted Short.

H/T The Gateway Pundit

What you’ll find if you click through on Short’s tweet is that the “charity” Sarsour is actually raising for is a leftist advocacy group. No money will actually go towards victims of the hurricane.

The fund Sarsour was raising money for is sponsored by the Texas Organizing Project – who made it explicitly clear that their “Hurricane Harvey Fund” doesn’t actually help victims of Hurricane Harvey on their own Facebook page.

So as you’d expect, the rest of Twitter was quick to roast her on exploiting this tragedy.

As President Donald Trump would say, what at truly nasty woman.

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