Sarah Sanders Knocks Nancy Pelosi In Tax Reform Tweet

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White House Press Secretary Sarah Sanders just might be President Donald Trump’s greatest asset and ally. Not only has she shot down liberal reporters left and right, but she’s not afraid to go after lawmakers, either.

Over the weekend, Sanders did her duty of dispelling fake news by correcting a Washington Post report which claimed that Trump spent the long weekend in Florida “congratulating the responders instead of memorializing the victims of Wednesday’s school shooting during a visit here Friday.”

But Sanders really showed that she has Trump’s back when she took to Twitter to tout the popularity of Trump’s tax cut bill – and slighted Nancy Pelosi in the process.

According to a poll published in the New York Times, 51 percent of Americans support the GOP tax cut, which is up from 37 percent in December. Among Republicans, support is at a whopping 89 percent, while 19 percent of Democrats approve of the law.

Sanders tweeted the stats, and wryly commented, “Other than Nancy Pelosi and her Democratic allies, who could be against lower taxes, higher wages, and a booming economy?”


Pelosi has consistently demonized Trump’s tax cut, calling the billions of dollars given back to workers in the form of bonuses and pay raises “crumbs.” But, according to the survey, Americans disagree.

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