I’m not really sure why anyone would try to turn it into a badge of honor, but after Donald Trump referred to Hillary Clinton as a “nasty woman,” many of Hillary’s supporters began to do the same. The slogan briefly got its time on the national stage at the anti-Trump “Women’s March,” when actress Ashley Judd recited a poem called “Nasty Woman” that was notoriously cringe-worthy.

And now, San Juan’s (Puerto Rico’s capital city) mayor Carmen Yulin Cruz is wearing a t-shirt bearing part of the slogan as she continues to blast President Trump for his Hurricane Maria response. There’s just one problem: Everyone else in Puerto Rico is contradicting Cruz’s doom and gloom narrative. The governor of Puerto Rico has already praised President Trump:

Cruz famously begged for help in front of the media, pleading for aid to the rest of the world. “We are dying, and you are killing us with the inefficiency and the bureaucracy,” she said as she literally stood in front of undistributed aid.

She then proceeded to go on a media tour, hitting every left-wing network that would have her on, despite not meeting with a single federal official regarding aid, and not attending a single FEMA meeting despite numerous invitations.

It seems like she’s more interested in ripping into Trump than caring about her people, and that’s become even more apparent today. According to The Hill, “San Juan Mayor Carmen Yulín Cruz wore a T-shirt displaying the word ‘nasty’ during a television interview Wednesday, after President Trump repeatedly used the term to describe the Puerto Rican official.”

It looks like Trump’s previous criticism of Cruz was right:

It’s certainly interesting that she could get a t-shirt custom-made just days within Trump’s criticism, but can’t seem to do anything to help her own people.

As Trump would say: sad!

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