Judicial Watch Sues for Sally Yates’ Emails at Justice Department

Former acting-Attorney General Sally Yates, who briefly served under President Donald J. Trump for the first 10 days of his administration, is set to testify before a Senate subcommittee on Monday over the alleged Russian hacking of the 2016 presidential election.

Yates served as Trump’s Attorney General for a mere 10 days, and was abruptly fired for refusing to defend the administration’s travel restrictions. Ms. Yates is now back in the headlines after she allegedly warned the administration about then-National Security Adviser Michael Flynn’s communications with a Russian diplomat.

Yates’ newly found fame, especially among Democrats, is resulting in the former Obama official facing increased public scrutiny, and Judicial Watch is demanding answers.  The conservative watchdog group is suing for Yates’ Justice Department emails between January 20 and January 31.

From Politico:

The emails could also shed light on the bigger controversy that has enmeshed Yates and the Trump White House: her decision to warn the president that then-national security adviser Michael Flynn was misrepresenting his contacts with Russian Ambassador Sergei Kislyak. Sources say Yates also told White House Counsel Don McGahn that Flynn was susceptible to blackmail or pressure from the Russians because the public account the White House offered was inaccurate.

Judicial Watch’s suit says the group requested the emails under FOIA on February 1, 2017, about two weeks before Yates’ warning to the White House became public in a Washington Post report.

It’s unclear how many Flynn-related emails exist in Yates’ account since any detailed discussion of that issue would likely be classified and may have been handled in separate systems or on paper. Congressional investigators may also seek that same information from the Justice Department.

Ms. Yates was strongly criticized for refusal to defend the administration’s travel restrictions, which given her liberal political leanings was no surprise. The left viciously attacked President Trump for firing Ms. Yates, but given her lack of ties, or willingness to defend the administration, her removal from the Department of Justice was long overdue.

The emails requested by Judicial Watch could reveal the motivation behind Ms. Yates’ refusal to do her job, and if there was any evidence that her political leanings influenced her decision-making. Judicial Watch has been active in exposing government corruption and abuse, so hopefully, this latest lawsuit will uncover more Obama-era problems.

Do you think Sally Yates’ emails will show that politics played a role in her decision to not defend President Trump’s travel restrictions? Share your thoughts below! 


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  • BOY the GOP are desperate indeed. Sally Yates was legally correct ibn refusing to comply with an illegal, unconstitutional, and unethical order from the orange baboon. That is her right, that was her DUTY, and that was her responsibility as a member of the Department of Justice. But hey, lets release the e-mails so we can shove it all back in the face of the orange baboon. Of course then you all will do everything to distract from the facts that once again prove trump complicit and guilty of treason.

  • She was a TRAITOR and did not SERVE AMERICA, JUST HERSELF and the OBAMA ADMINISTRATION ! She should be charged with dereliction of duty . Did she or was she the TRAITOR who released the secret documents to the MEDIA? If so she should be tried for TREASON !

  • Conspiracy theorist ??? For Gods sake, Flynn admitted to being a Russian agent as did 3 other of Trumps appointees. Believe what you want. Whatever happened to country before party ???

  • I am currently watching the Senate hearing on Russian involvement in the elections and am struck by how the Dims hang their entire argument against Gen Flynn on so called compromise and the ability of the Russians to blackmail him to receive national security secrets. One question by the lame Republicans would put this entire line of reasoning to bed.

    After the WH council was notified by Ms. Yates on the 27th did the administration immediately confront Gen Flynn about his misstatement on this issue? The answer is yes for that has been reported. If that is so then isn't it also true that once the matter is revealed the Russians no longer have any leverage over the good General. The entire hearing is one big witch hunt on the part of the Dims, and the little midget Graham is doing nothing to call that out, but what would we expect.

  • Actually trump was informed by Obama a few days after the election.That was stated today and I read it back then. It is a shame you can't trust anybody to tell the truth during this investigation. Do you have inside information that the FBI, DOJ, NSA doesn't have ?? These are Trumps people in these positions !!!

  • If you finally uncover more Obama-era corruption, you better get a wheelbarrow... or better yet, a forklift.

  • Another corrupt dem that he got rid of. Keep going 't stop with her drain the swamp like you said you would and that includes some of the Republicans that don't seem to want to make America great again!

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