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Russian President Vladimir Putin Offers James Comey Political Asylum

Russian President Vladimir Putin stunningly offered former FBI Director James Comey “political asylum” in Russia. This gesture was done in case Comey faces criminal prosecution for illegally leaking memos containing information on President Donald Trump through a friend to the media.

Trump’s lawyer is already filing a complaint with the Department of Justice for Comey’s shameful decision to leak his own memo.

Now, Putin has a hilarious response to help Comey out of what may be serious legal problems. Watch:

As The Independent reports:

Vladimir Putin has joked that the fired FBI director James Comey is welcome to seek asylum in Russia.

Speaking in his annual question and answer session in Moscow, the Russian President said it was “very strange” that the FBI official had leaked details of conversations with Donald Trump, and likened his actions to those of NSA whistleblower Edward Snowden.

“If there is some kind of persecution, we would be ready to offer political asylum to Mr Comey if he is persecuted in the US”, Mr Putin told a live audience.

Comparing Mr Comey to Mr Snowden, he said the former FBI director’s decision to leak details of his conversations with Mr Trump to the media had placed him in a vulnerable position and meant he had behaved more like an activist than an FBI chief.

Putin continues to deny Russian involvement in the 2016 presidential election. Comey was called before the Senate last week to testify about his conversations with President Trump, and yet the only shocking revelation was that Comey leaked to the press.

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