Hillary Clinton was mocked on social media after a video skit was released by Columbia University to announce her new gig teaching foreign policy decision-making at the institution.

That’s right, the woman who failed to secure an embassy in Benghazi on the anniversary of 9/11, resulting in the deaths of four Americans, and who presided over regime change in Libya that resulted in ISIS establishing control in what Barack Obama would call his “worst mistake,” will be instructing students on foreign policy decision-making.

In January, Clinton was announced by Columbia University President Lee C. Bollinger as having received two appointments: Professor of Practice at the School of International and Public Affairs (SIPA) and Presidential Fellow at Columbia World Projects (CWP).

Bollinger cited her experience as Secretary of State and “her two historic and record-breaking presidential campaigns” as evidence she would be a good fit at the university.

That alone could be a topic of mockery. But the video announcement made things infinitely worse.

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Check Out The Skit Announcing Hillary Clinton’s Class at Columbia

Columbia University announced that Hillary Clinton would be teaching an “Inside the Situation Room” class in the Fall of 2023.

With it came a video skit starring Clinton herself. The running punchline was the former Presidential candidate announcing that she was “running again.”

Presumably, everybody was gossiping about the news, excited that she would be running for President.

“Hillary, you’re running again!” an excited Dean Keren Yarhi-Milo exclaims.

“Well I sure am, Keren, I just got here early for the class we’re teaching together on foreign policy decision-making,” Clinton quips after physically “running.”

The cringe factor is off the charts.

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Let the Mockery Begin!

Independent journalist Glenn Greenwald hammered Clinton over the lame skit and the very fact that she’s teaching a foreign policy class.

“The US official who has urged more wars than anyone over the last 3 decades with the possible exception of John Bolton – including Iraq, Libya, Syria, and now Ukraine – is teaching Columbia students a class called ‘Foreign-Policy Decision-Making,’” he tweeted.

“And boy they’re excited!”

“Hillary Clinton shouldn’t be teaching anyone anything,” wrote the Daily Caller.

Others weren’t nearly as kind. Conservative commentator Gina Bella simply referred to Clinton as a “dirty warmonger.”

“Is that like Jane Fonda teaching a class on Patriotism?” joked Dave Shimkus.

Greenwald added to his post by tweeting a famous video of Clinton laughing about Libyan leader Muammar Qaddafi being murdered even as the Obama administration at the time was denying they were involved in regime change in the region.

“We Came. We saw. He died,” she said, cackling during an interview.

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