A shotgun was discovered some 30 feet away from the body of Mark Middleton, a top adviser to Bill Clinton, and his death last May — where his body was found hanging from a tree with an electrical cord around his neck and a shotgun blast to the chest — has been declared a suicide.

Middleton was a friend of Clinton from his Arkansas days and joined his presidential campaign early on, becoming a special assistant to Chief of Staff Mack McClarty in 1993.

Middleton signed the late convicted sex offender Jeffrey Epstein into the White House on several occasions. He also met with Epstein at least three times in the White House around 1993 and 1994, the Daily Beast reported, citing an unnamed source with knowledge of the situation.

The outlet describes him as a “shadowy figure in the Clinton administration” who later refused to testify at a hearing involving foreign donations to Clinton’s re-election campaign, where several other figures were later convicted.

Initial reports released on Middleton’s death made no mention of a shotgun despite the individual who had discovered the body saying they “could see that he had a gunshot wound to the chest and that he had a knot tied in an extension cord that was around his neck and it was attached to the limb directly above him.”

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Clinton Aid With Ties to Epstein Committed Suicide by Hanging and Shooting Himself

Following that report, the Daily Mail obtained documents stating that a Stoeger 12-gauge coach gun was, in fact, “found on the ground 30 feet from Middleton’s body.”

The newspaper reports that the former Clinton aid “took great lengths to ensure his suicide bid was successful.”

After texting his wife to say he had “found a perfect place for a nap in the sun,” Middleton “tied an electrical cord around his neck and then shot himself, so if the blast didn’t kill him the wire would when he fell.”

Extra credit for being super-thorough with your suicide. Why anyone would assume a shotgun blast to the chest wouldn’t finish the job and have the forethought to devise a backup plan is a mystery.

“It is believed that Mr. Middleton then took the firearm and placed the barrel against his chest and then reached out with his left hand and placed his first finger on the first trigger,” according to the documents.

“It is then believed that Mr. Middleton pulled the trigger on the firearm casing (sic) it to discharge and strike him in the chest and then he fell from the bench causing the extension cord to become tight cutting off his breathing.”

As for the shotgun winding up 30 feet away from his body, the findings state this is “due to the recoil from the discharge and the height and angle of the ground.”

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Clinton Confronted Over Relationship With Sex Offender

Doug Band, another former top aide to Bill Clinton, made shocking allegations in a 2020 interview with Vanity Fair, including claims that the former president took a trip in 2003 to Epstein’s famed private island.

Clinton had traveled on Epstein’s jet – known as the ‘Lolita Express’ – 26 separate times, according to a Fox News analysis.

Other analyses of flight logs led to claims of fewer trips, but there is no denying he traveled on the plane.

Epstein was convicted of procuring for prostitution a girl below the age of 18 in 2008 and was facing sex trafficking charges until he died by suicide, according to authorities, in a Manhattan jail cell in 2019.

Months ago, Clinton was confronted by a reporter asking about his relationship with Epstein, prompting an awkward response as the former President was ushered away by an aide.

“Mr. Clinton, any comment on the allegation of your alleged connection with Jeffrey Epstein?” the reporter asked.

Clinton spokesman Angel Ureña’s expression quickly shifted at that time to an uncomfortable smile while it took the former President a bit to realize what was being asked.

“I think the evidence is clear,” Clinton laughed, backing away as Ureña tried to move him along.

The coroner ruled Middleton’s death a suicide noting a history of depression.

In 1993, Vince Foster, who was a Deputy White House Counsel for the Clintons, committed suicide after a long bout with depression. His body was found in Fort Marcy Park, just miles from the White House.

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