Rubio Rips Into “Extremist” Hillary For Comparing Pro-Lifers To Terrorists


Marco Rubio fired back at Hillary Clinton after she compared pro-life Republicans to terrorists. The former First Lady specifically named Rubio when attacking pro-lifers.

While on Hugh Hewitt’s talk radio show, the Florida Senator had some strong words in response to Hillary’s attack equating pro-lifers with terrorists, like ISIS, who rape and behead innocent people and even blew up a baby in a terrorist training exercise earlier this summer.

“Yeah, it’s par for the course for her. Look, she’s a failing candidate, has no credibility, being exposed for being deceitful on the whole issue of her server, compromised the national security of the United States. And quite frankly, she’s been chasing Bernie Sanders and others in her party to the extreme left. So obviously, she’s going to go around saying outrageous things, and I expect more of it in the months to come.”

Hewitt then asked Rubio about the Planned Parenthood videos and how he plans to campaign against the War on Women attacks from the Left. He was able to tack it back on the former First Lady’s extreme opinions that are out of touch with a great majority of American voters.

“The Democrats are threatening to shut down the government in order to fund one organization, which has now been exposed across a series of videos of being involved in what’s probably illegal activity, selling and trafficking fetal tissue. But it goes beyond that. They hold extremist views. I mean, Hillary Clinton voted against the partial birth abortion ban, which an overwhelming majority of Americans support, and she voted against it. She believes that children should be aborted even after 20 weeks of the pregnancy, when it’s clearly a formed human being, obviously still in development stages, but at 24 weeks, survivable outside the womb. She doesn’t believe that the parents of minors should be notified when their daughter is going to have a procedure of the magnitude that is an abortion. These are extremist views. They’re outside the mainstream of the majority of our country. And the press covers up for them, but that’s their extremist views, the one that she holds. She supports taxpayer funding of abortion, using American taxpayer money to fund abortions overseas. We look forward to exposing her extremism.”

Whenever Rubio is attacked by Hillary, he puts the focus back on her extremism. The Florida Senator is besting the former First Lady in recent polls and is viewed as a very credible threat to her campaign as he provides a stark contrast to her tired ways.

What words do you have for Hillary Clinton after she equated pro-lifers with terrorists? Please comment below.

H/T: Washington Examiner

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