Apparently MSNBC occasionally has content worth watching, despite its own best efforts. This hilarious footage comes to us from Pensacola, Florida, where reporter Vaughn Hillyard was doing a live shot ahead of President Donald Trump’s rally there this evening.

Pensacola is right on the Alabama border where, you may have heard, there is a very controversial and contentious election coming up. President Trump tweeted his support of GOP candidate Roy Moore again today, as Hillyard reported during his segment.

Hillyard continued talking about the race: “Without making the case for Doug Jones and why he could potentially win on Tuesday, we just got some new numbers that I think are worth pointing out,” and went on to talk about predictions of voter turnout, numbers of applications for absentee ballots, and … why Jones could potentially win on Tuesday.

But one bystander was having NONE OF IT! Out of nowhere, a black Roy Moore supporter jumped into the background of the shot waving an American flag and chanting, “Roy Moore’s gonna win! Roy Moore’s gonna win!”

I’m telling you right now, there is NO WAY the MSNBC crew saw that man walking down the street and even CONSIDERED that he might interrupt the shot chanting for Moore!

Watch the hilarious moment here:

In response, Andrea Mitchell said, “Good job, Vaughn, just ignore it all,” which pretty much sums up MSNBC’s entire approach to reporting the news.

This special election comes down to Moore and Democrat Doug Jones for Attorney General Jeff Sessions’s Senate seat. The craziness will end on Election Day December 12 … or will that only be the beginning?

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