‘Roseanne’ Canceled; Why Not ‘The View’?

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The “Roseanne” revival was abruptly canceled by ABC following what the network described as crude, racist tweets sent by show star Roseanne Barr about former Obama aide Valerie Jarrett. And while there’s absolutely no excuse for Barr’s tweets, it’s extremely hypocritical of ABC to continue airing “The View” given all the abhorrent things the co-hosts have said.

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In February 2018, Behar infamously and openly mocked the Christian faith of Vice President Mike Pence and millions of Americans when she proclaimed that the ability to hear messages from God is not a marker of faith, but “mental illness.” It took Behar weeks to apologize, and she only did so after constant public criticism and ridicule.

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Further proving just how intolerant she truly is, the very same month she attacked Pence’s faith, Behar also outright stated, “As a Democrat, I am offended by Republicans!” (RELATED: Joy Behar Explodes On Meghan McCain: ‘I Am Offended By Republicans!’).

But perhaps the most disgusting thing to ever fly out of Behar’s mouth occurred in October 2016. During a discussion about Donald Trump’s news conference prior to the second presidential debate, Behar called Bill Clinton’s rape accusers “tramps.” (RELATED: Paula Jones Responds To Joy Behar For Calling Her a ‘Tramp’).

Yet, she somehow remains employed, and “The View” remains on the air.

Upsettingly, Behar is far from the only unabashedly bigoted member of “The View.” Earlier this month, co-host Whoopi Goldberg suggested that President Donald Trump should endure torture. (RELATED: Diamond And Silk: Whoopi Goldberg Should Try Waterboarding).

Even the show’s producers are guilty of outrageous cultural bias: in October 2017, they censored the word “Jesus” – twice. (RELATED: ‘The View’ Censors ‘Jesus’, Twice).

Are the statements of Behar, Goldberg, and co. protected under the First Amendment? Yes, they are. So are Barr’s tweets, however misinformed. But Barr is also a conservative, and because of that, she doesn’t enjoy the same treatment under the law as liberals like Behar and Goldberg do. So while “Roseanne” gets canceled, “The View” lives on.

It’s outrageous that ABC immediately jumped to cancel “Roseanne” mere hours after her tweets. Meanwhile, Behar should have been canned a long time ago, but ABC continues to give her a platform to spew her bigotry and hate.

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