Hollywood liberal Rob Reiner is not a fan of President Donald Trump. One look at his Twitter account, and you’d think he was just another intolerant liberal politician rather than the man who gave us “The Princess Bride.” And Roseanne Barr, for one, is sick and tired of his behavior.

Early Thursday, Barr revealed on Twitter that she confronted Reiner in New York City “over all that Russian BS”:

The “Russian BS” to which Barr is referring is Reiner’s so-called Committee to Investigate Russia – a group of Hollywood liberals and “Never Trump” Republicans. He launched the group last month with the aim of helping “Americans recognize and understand the gravity of Russia’s continuing attacks on our democracy.” The group even put out a video – narrated by Morgan Freeman.

Roseanne is right – this is BS.

Reiner is a liberal Hollywood director; he has no business propagandizing the bogus “Russian hacking” scam or anything else. There are already actual congressional committees investigating that – and they’ve found nothing. In fact, a CNN producer recently admitted on tape that the entire Russia narrative is “mostly bulls***.”

If Reiner and other liberals, Hollywood or otherwise, want to conduct a Russia investigation that will actually turn up some real dirt, they should look at Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama – not Trump. Until that happens, like Barr said, they’re just “buying fake news.”

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