There’s one thing you can say about Roseanne: she doesn’t hesitate to speak her mind. Ever.

Last night, the outspoken sitcom star went on Sean Hannity’s show on Fox News and finally addressed the entire controversy that brought down her hit ABC show. (RELATED: Sean Hannity to Interview Roseanne Barr Following Firing.) And, to the surprise of nobody, Roseanne wasn’t exactly apologetic. In fact, she was her normally caustic self and gave a backhanded apology to Valerie Jarrett, a former advisor to President Barack Obama.

If you remember, Roseanne compared Jarrett to an ape over Twitter, before deleting the tweet and causing a massive uproar. In the face of the controversy, Roseanne offered an apology, only to have her show canceled by ABC, then relaunched without her as the lead. (RELATED: ABC Confirms ‘Roseanne’ Will Return to the Air, Without Roseanne Barr.) This obviously incensed Barr, as she has dropped a number of comments since expressing her resentment over having her life’s work destroyed over a harmless tweet.

In one subsequent remark, Roseanne took back her initial apology, explaining that she mistook Jarrett for being white. (RELATED: Roseanne Takes Back Apology to Former Obama White House Insider Valerie Jarrett.)

Now, in her first televised interview since the whole debacle, Roseanne joined Sean Hannity to discuss the matter. When Hannity asked if she would apologize, Roseanne obliged. Kind of. You can watch Roseanne’s “apology” below:

You see that? It’s kind of like a cougar apologizing to a gazelle after feasting on it alive.

Roseanne was never planning to apologize to Jarrett in any meaningful way. That’s not her style. She’s too working-class to take these kinds of insults seriously.

You can watch Roseanne’s entire interview with Hannity here:

Here’s one thing I’d like to see come out of this: If Roseanne isn’t able to start a new sitcom, maybe she can get her own Fox News show.

Imagine how that would be!