Rosanna Arquette Blames President Trump For Coronavirus Deaths: Tweets #TrumpGenocide

The day before, Arquette went so far as to blame all Republicans for coronavirus deaths.

Rosanna Arquette Trump

Actress Rosanna Arquette of “Pulp Fiction” and “Desperately Seeking Susan” fame just became the latest Hollywood star to let her Trump Derangement Syndrome get out of control when she tweeted out the phrase “Trump Genocide,” seemingly blaming the president for coronavirus deaths despite the fact that this is a global pandemic that started in China.

The hashtag #TrumpGenocide started to go viral on Saturday, posted “mostly by unverified and unidentifiable left-wing accounts,” according to Breitbart News. Nevertheless, Arquette became one of the few famous figures to post the hashtag herself.

Though Arquette offered no explanation for the hashtag, it’s clear that the meaning behind it was to blame Trump for the pandemic. Former Barack Obama Campaign Chair Jon Cooper also tweeted out the hashtag, including the terms #TrumpVirus and #TrumpPandemic as well.

To blame Trump for this virus is utterly ridiculous given the fact that it started on the other side of the world and is affecting virtually every country, regardless of everything world leaders have done to try and stop it. Since liberals blame virtually everything negative on Trump these days, however, it’s not surprising that they would try and pin this on him as well.

This is far from the first time that Arquette has blasted Trump and tried to blame coronavirus deaths on him. On Friday, she claimed that “American citizens are dying daily” because of the president.

“The president of the United States of America is cruel, vindictive,evil and deeply immoral,” she tweeted. “American citizens are dying daily because of him and his withholding of medical supplies to hospitals across the country. The world is watching and will never forget, neither will we.”

The day before, Arquette went so far as to blame all Republicans for coronavirus deaths. “The United States of America has more cases of coronavirus than any country in the world,” she wrote. “This all could have been avoided had we had a real leader who cared about the American people and not just profit. This will be the GOP’s legacy. The many deaths of innocent people. Shame.”

The real “shame” here is that Arquette will clearly blame anyone who thinks differently than her for all of the problems of the world. As President Trump himself would say, SAD!

This piece was written by PopZette Staff on March 30, 2020. It originally appeared in LifeZette and is used by permission.

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