Rory Feek’s Daughter Indiana Gets Great News About her Heart Condition

Joey and Rory Feek have a special place with us. We loved their music and following their story.

Joey’s brave, heartrending, and ultimately fatal battle with cancer broke our hearts, but her fearless fight was also inspiring to thousands of Americans afflicted with cancer.

We shared tears with countless others when Joey and Rory had their final dance:

Since Joey’s passing, Rory has been in charge of their daughter, little Indiana, who was born with Down Syndrome. Early on, doctors discovered that Indy had a hole in her heart, a common condition in babies born with Downs. Rory has been strong in the face of all the tragedy.

But now, Rory shared amazing news about little Indy: her heart may be healing on its own!

…hole-in-her-heart checkup this morning at Vanderbilt. Closing. Thank God.

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Indy was born in 2014, just a short 2 years before Joey passed away in 2016. Here they are together:

Here’s the whole family:

After Joey passed, Rory produced a documentary for his wife, showing the birth of their daughter and Joey’s heroic fight with cancer:

And here’s Indy with her daddy:

rory feek daughters

We’re so glad to hear about Indiana’s positive health news! We can’t wait to see what’s in store next for the Feek family!

Please say a prayer for little Indy and share this story with your friends and family!

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