Ron DeSantis Thanks ‘African-American’ Elon Musk For His Support For President In 2024 – The Left-Wing Meltdown Is A Thing Of Beauty

Tesla CEO Elon Musk announced the first Republican he has ever voted for, predicted a 'Red Wave' in the midterms, and said he's leaning towards supporting Florida Governor Ron DeSantis in 2024. The ensuing liberal meltdown was glorious.
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Tesla CEO Elon Musk on Wednesday announced the first Republican he has ever voted for, predicted a ‘Red Wave’ in the midterms, and said he’s leaning towards supporting Florida Governor Ron DeSantis for President in 2024. The ensuing liberal meltdown was glorious.

Musk, the successful African-American billionaire, took to social media in the very early morning hours Wednesday to reveal Mayra Flores, who defeated Democrat Dan Sanchez in a special election to fill the vacant seat in Texas’ 34th Congressional District, was the first Republican he ever voted for.

Further throwing a wrench into the identity politics-obsessed left, is the fact that Flores will be the first Mexican-born Congresswoman.

Musk added a prediction sure to send chills down the spine of the Democrat Party and their friends in the media.

“Massive red wave in 2022,” he wrote.

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Elon Musk Says He’s Leaning DeSantis in 2024

Elon Musk has been strongly hinting at a shift to the right politically in the past several months. He’s taunted AOC, fact-checked President Biden, and called out Senator Karen (Elizabeth Warren).

He raised the ire of the left by declaring them to have gone so extreme that it forces moderates like himself to side with Republicans.

And he accused the Democrat Party of being controlled by unions, something he indicates will push him to vote Republican in future elections despite having voted “overwhelmingly for Democrats” in the past.

The Flores vote seems to confirm that. But the next message from Musk is really going to send the left into an apoplectic fit.

When asked who he’s leaning toward in the 2024 presidential election, Musk replied: “DeSantis.”

For their part, Flores and DeSantis welcomed the support from the wealthy entrepreneur who grew up in South Africa.

“Welcome to the Republican Party! We welcome all walkaways from all walks of life. The party of opportunity, prosperity, and freedom is here to stay,” Flores said. “We look forward to working together and building a better future for all of America.”

DeSantis’ response, according to spokeswoman Christina Pushaw, was more focused on the midterms.

“I’m focused on 2022,” he said. “But always appreciate the support from African Americans!”

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Liberal Meltdown Incoming!

The left-wing meltdown that followed Musk’s announcement of possibly supporting DeSantis and definitely having voted for Flores shows they’re not as supportive of successful immigrants as they’d like you to think.

MSNBC host Mehdi Hasan tweeted a ‘Dear Diary’ entry of grievances.

“Ron DeSantis spent the past year banning books, stigmatizing gay people, declaring war on private companies, presiding over tens of thousands of Covid deaths, and dismissing concerns over climate change as ‘left-wing stuff’ and yet … won the endorsement of Elon Musk,” he wrote.

Of course, Hasan is lying about ‘stigmatizing gay people,’ just as he is about DeSantis’ leadership under COVID. But when you work for a tabloid such as MSNBC, you have to get your little talking points in somehow.

There were the requisite tweets from blue-check personalities foaming at the mouth about ‘fascism,’ a word they like to use but clearly can’t define.

Others had measured and reasonable responses like saying Musk is “f***ed in the head,” calling him a “Bond villain,” claiming DeSantis “hates the gays and black people,” or suggesting DeSantis will need to be assassinated.

Musk has said the Democrat Party used to be the party of kindness but “they have become the party of division & hate.”

The response to Musk’s semi-endorsement of DeSantis is proving him right once again.

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