Truth and justice aren’t the Mueller way.

In describing the Justice Department’s special counsel, Robert Mueller, and his supposedly “stunningly bipartisan” credentials, journalist and historian Garrett Graff described him as a rarity in today’s political atmosphere.

“This is someone who really, truly believes in truth, justice [and] in the American way,” Graff wrote, “in a way that very few people in American life today anymore do.”

As his investigation has churned on for over a year now, however, from the ever-changing focus to the hiring of Democrat loyalists, to the aggressive witchhunt trying to take down bit players just to get to President Trump, it’s clear that truth and justice departed this investigation a long, long time ago.

Political cartoonist A.F. Branco captures the concept brilliantly in his latest work, demonstrating that Lady Justice has been replaced by somebody who could never really be accused of being a lady, or just, at all.

“It is becoming more evident each day that Mueller isn’t interested in justice but is working to destroy President Trump,” Branco explains, accurately.

In a letter to the Chicago Tribune, one Mueller critic wrote, the special counsel “doesn’t care about the truth or justice.”

“He wants scalps,” he explained. “He will stop at nothing and destroy as many people along the way as necessary.”

Is there anything to disagree with in those statements? The President certainly seems to concur, saying “The Mueller probe should never have been started in that there was no collusion and there was no crime.”

Much to the chagrin of liberals hoping for an eventual impeachment, Trump lawyer Rudy Giuliani has revealed that Mueller has no intentions of indicting President Trump because he lacks the authority to do so.

DOJ policy prohibits such actions.

“They [the special counsel’s office] acknowledge the fact that they can’t indict us,” Giuliani told NBC News. “They know they don’t have that power.”

Mueller has been motivated to drag this investigation out as long as possible, in the hopes that it can sway voters to engage in the coveted ‘blue wave’ during the midterms.

A counsel motivated by partisan conclusions is not interested in truth or justice. Or even the American way. He’s only interested in the Mueller way – advancing his own career, stepping on whomever he must in order to achieve star status.

Do you think Mueller is trying to get to the truth or is a partisan counsel who should be fired? Share your thoughts below!

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