Rick Scott Warned Communists Not To Travel To Florida – Naturally The Media And Democrats Assumed He Was Talking About Them

Senator Rick Scott issued a warning to "socialists and communists" that they are not welcome in Florida, and liberals had a veritable meltdown.
Screenshot: @ScottforFlorida Twitter Video

Senator Rick Scott (R-FL) just issued a warning to “socialists and communists” that they are not welcome in Florida, prompting a veritable meltdown amongst Democrats and the media alike.

The video posted by the Republican sends a firm message, though it was clearly tongue in cheek.

“I’m warning socialists and communists not to travel to Florida. They are not welcome in the Sunshine State,” he tweeted.

“We’re the free state of Florida. We actually don’t believe in socialism, we actually know people, some people in our state lived under it and we know people that lived under socialism. It’s not good,” Scott added in his video commentary. “We like freedom, liberty, capitalism, things like that.”

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Scott Issues Warning To Communists Thinking Of Going To Florida

Oddly enough, the video went viral and drew outrage from our friends on the left who assumed any mention of “Communists” must have applied to them.

The video earned nearly 25 million views, even though it is a repost of a video he made six days ago. The first video garnered under 70,000 views, meaning it took liberals almost an entire week to realize that they were mad about it.

And even then it’s clearly a satirical version of the travel advisory issued by the NAACP last month. So it’s not to be taken seriously.

The NAACP issued an “advisory” cautioning black Americans against traveling to the state of Florida, stating that it is “openly hostile” to black people.

Scott at the time issued the first version of his counter advisory.

“Florida is openly hostile toward Socialists, Communists, and those that enable them,” his version read.

Scott warned that before “traveling to Florida, please understand that the state of Florida devalues and marginalizes the contributions of, and the challenges faced by Socialists and others who work in the Biden Administration.”

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Liberals Are Outraged Over The Insult To Communists

After failing to grasp the satirical tone to Scott’s travel advisory to Florida, liberals in the media and their Democrat cohorts expressed outrage that Communists wouldn’t be welcome.

Nina Turner, a former Ohio state senator and 2020 Bernie Sanders campaign chair, said the message was “extremely inappropriate at best, a threat at worst.”

It’s neither … but it is hilarious that Turner didn’t pick up on the joke.

Former Republican Representative and current court jester for the Democrat party, Joe Walsh, suggested the Florida senator was promoting an “anti-freedom” message.

Don’t worry, Joe. The only travel advisory you’ll have to worry about is if Scott decides slack-jawed yokels aren’t allowed in Florida.

Rick Wilson, co-founder of the young male grooming organization the Lincoln Project, which once upon a time pretended to be a group of actual Republicans who simply disliked Donald Trump, was practically beside himself.

“Freaked out about the imaginary communists,” he scoffed. “Silent about the actual Nazis and the rising Klan presence in Florida.”

No, Frederick. He’s definitely calling out actual Nazis. That’s why Democrats are so mad.

MSNBC host Mehdi Hasan also took Rick Scott’s travel warning very, very seriously.

This would all be funny if not for the fact that two New York Democrats are already on record as demanding their political opponents leave their state. And contrary to Scott’s video, they were very serious about it.

In January of 2014, then-Governor Andrew Cuomo said that not everyone is welcome in New York state.  Cuomo stated that Second Amendment supporters, believers in traditional marriage, and those who are pro-life “have no place in the state of New York.”

Cuomo’s message was such a winner that his successor, Governor Kathy Hochul, essentially delivered the same remarks.

“Just jump on a bus and head down to Florida where you belong. OK?” she said of Republicans. “Get out of town. Because you don’t represent our values.”

Not sure why Democrats would even want to travel to Florida anyway. Democratic strategist Aisha Mills recently falsely claimed that Florida is on the verge of becoming a “terrorist state.”

That’s crazy. The only way Florida will become a terrorist state is if the socialists, Communists, and Democrats keep finding their way down south.

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