It’s not very often you get a side-splitting moment of levity during confirmation hearings on Capitol Hill, but this one was a doozy.

Rick Perry, former Texas governor and President-elect Donald Trump’s choice for Energy Secretary, was testifying at his hearing and had what he would refer to as a “Saturday Night Live soundbite.”

The exception being that THIS was actually funny.

Perry was set to be questioned by Minnesota Senator, and SNL alum, Al Franken, when things went off the rails a bit.

Franken began the exchange by asking if Perry enjoyed meeting him prior to the hearing.

Perry responded by saying, “I hope you are as much fun on that dais as you were on your couch.”

It took little to no time at all for both men to realize how that statement sounded.

Perry broke the ice by saying, “May I rephrase that, sir?”

Franken deadpanned, “Please, please … Oh my Lord. Oh my Lord.”

Check it out and try not to laugh …


Via Mediaite:

Things got weird in the most hilarious way on Thursday when Sen. Al Franken (D-MN) moved to ask Rick Perry questions about his nomination to be Donald Trump‘s Secretary of Energy.

Franken started things off by asking Perry if he enjoyed a meeting they recently had at his office. From there…well, here’s the transcript:

Franken: “Thank you so much for coming into my office. Did you enjoy meeting me?”

Perry: “I hope you’re as much fun on that dias as you were on your couch.”

Franken was immediately taken aback while everyone else started laughing at how suggestive Perry’s comment sounded. Perry asked if he could re-phrase, to which Franken said “Please! Oh my lord!”

It didn’t take long for Perry to double over in laughter at the double entendre, with much of the room laughing along with him like a bunch of frat boys.

With a nod to Franken’s former career, Perry said “Well I think we found our Saturday Night Live soundbite.”

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