Rev. Franklin Graham SLAMS Supreme Court for Same-Sex Marriage Decision


Reverend Franklin Graham, son of world-renowned pastor Billy Graham, has never been shy about his love of God and his strong faith. He strongly believes traditional marriage is between a man and a woman and he’s not backing down from his Christian values because the mainstream media/LGBT community is telling him he’s intolerant of others. Now he’s making headlines for his comments on the latest decision by the U.S. Supreme Court to legalize gay marriage. Graham also believes that Christians should be prepared for persecution, just like Catholic Priest Father Jonathan Morris during NY Gay Pride Parade this past weekend.

“God gave us marriage and God does not change HIS mind…Who’s to say a few years from now that a man cannot marry his daughter or two men could marry one woman, I mean, where do you draw the line?”

As a Christian, I strongly believe Rev. Graham is on target with this statement. Sick and perverted Americans will come out with all types of marriage combinations to take to the courts in the future and they will use this case as a precedent. The Supreme Court has just committed a serious violation and desecration of the rights and beliefs of religious groups which are protected by the Constitution.


Marriage within the Christian religion is a sacrament that unites legally a man and a woman. With a clear disregard for this principle, the Court has arbitrarily included LGBTs — including unions of people of the same gender. LGBTs can love each other and if they wish to legalize their union, why not do what millions have suggested? Call LGBT unions “civil unions” or any other term, and grant them the same rights, responsibilities etc. as those in a marriage. But not call it marriage.

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However, instead of doing this, which would have been a decision acceptable to all concerned and would have avoided further conflict, the Court decided to include LGBTs under the term marriage. This not only breaches the religious principle of marriage but also exacerbates the feelings of two groups with opposing views.

A very poor and unnecessarily divisive decision and as Rev. Graham stated — Christians need to prepare for the worst.

Watch Rev. Graham’s reaction to the Court’s decision below:

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