Retired Marine Dies While Doing This AMAZING Christmas Act


You never want to report a story about a retired Marine passing away – but the manner in which Fred Kaffenberger gave his last breath to our country should bring tears of happiness to your eyes!

Kaffenberger, a member of The Sons of the American Revolution, was in full patriotic uniform with a group of people taking part in the Wreaths Across America program this past weekend.


As the former Marine was set to deliver his final wreath – to his son-in-law’s grave – Kaffenberger suddenly passed away at the age of 80.

Via Fox News Insider:

Retired Marine Fred Kaffenberger, 80, died at Leavenworth National Cemetery last weekend while decorating veterans’ graves with wreaths, according to Fox 4.

Kaffenberger, who was a member of The Sons of the American Revolution, was in full uniform at the cemetery with the group, taking part in the Wreaths Across America program.

Kaffenberger died suddenly, and doctors still aren’t sure exactly why.

“This is the way he would’ve chosen to go. Wouldn’t you want to go doing what you love to do and go in an instant?” Wanda Kaffenberger asked. “Yeah, I would too.”

Watch the news report below …

We salute you Mr. Kaffenberger, for your service to your country, for your dedication to honoring the past, and your determination to honor those who also sacrificed for their country.

Thank you!

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