Republican Voters Deliver Mixed Bag On Trump-Endorsed Candidates

Pennsylvania’s closely-watched Senate race is proving to be a nail biter right up to the end. Currently, CNN reports that the race is still too close to call between former hedge fund manager David McCormick and Trump-endorsed celebrity heart doctor Mehmet Oz. 

As vote counting continues Wednesday morning, the margin between McCormick and Oz was around 1,400 votes. Kathy Barnette, who had surged in the polls in the last days of the campaign, placed a distant third.

Elsewhere, Trump’s endorsements have been a mixed bag of wins and losses.

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Trump-Backed Candidate Wins Gubernatorial Primary

As Americans have come to expect, the Keystone State also had inexplicable election issues, like not enough staff to man polling places and unreadable ballots

State Sen. Doug Mastriano, also a Trump-endorsed candidate, won the GOP Gubernatorial primary. Mastriano will go up against Pennsylvania Attorney General Josh Shapiro in November.

Mastriano has been relentlessly attacked by both Republicans and Democrats for his efforts to investigate the 2020 election. 

Some Democrats appear convinced that he will “overturn” 2024 Democrat election results. It is fairly amusing.

This same individual is apparently also trying out focus group lines, such as “election denialist,” “insurrectionist,” and “Christian nationalism.”

Don’t be surprised if you start seeing those phrases pop up more frequently.

We know Democrats are always vigilant about “democracy.”

But he’s not just an “insurrectionist,” he’s also a “COVID denier.”

Some Democrats are also mixing the brand-new metaphors.

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North Carolina CD 11

North Carolina is one Donald Trump will have to place in the loss column.

Incumbent Rep. Madison Cawthorn was defeated by State Sen. Chuck Edwards. Cawthorn was on the receiving end of a coordinated drip-campaign run from the media and, apparently, North Carolina Republicans.

After Cawthorn said on a podcast that politicians in D.C. engage in cocaine-fueled orgies, suddenly there were many Cawthorn scandals that had just been miraculously discovered.

Many North Carolina Republicans not only openly criticized him, but threw their support behind Cawthorn’s opponents. Once thought to be a rising GOP star, Cawthorn became the youngest candidate ever elected to Congress in 2020 at age 25.

His troubles also came in the form of North Carolina Democrats who filed a lawsuit against Cawthorn seeking to bar him from office based on a civil war-era clause in the 14th amendment stating that no one involved in a “insurrection” is eligible to hold elected office. 

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Trump Track Record Still In The Win Column

While the media will glom onto a defeat of Cawthorn and Dr. Oz, should he lose his Senate bid, as a sign of Trump’s endorsement power fading, the real news is that Trump candidates actually did fairly well Tuesday night, winning 22 of 25 candidates he endorsed for the Senate, House, and governorships. 

Bo Hines won the GOP Congressional primary in North Carolina’s 13th district. Also in North Carolina, Rep. Ted Budd won his primary to vie for retiring Sen. Richard Burr’s seat in November.


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