After Senator John McCain blasted the Yemeni mission, calling it unsuccessful, President Trump and the widow of former NAVY Seal Chris Kyle have responded, demanding an apology from the Republican.

New information suggests that the raid in Yemen that claimed the life of Chief Petty Officer William Ryan Owens as well as some civilians, including an American girl, was planned for months by the Obama administration.

President Trump gave the go-ahead for the mission shortly after taking office, and the mainstream media has been quick to immediately place the blame at his feet.

Other outlets are arguing over what really happened, but here’s one take:

Via the New York Post:

The botched military operation in Yemen that killed a US Navy SEAL and over a dozen al Qaeda terrorists and civilians had been in the works for months before President Trump approved it shortly after taking office, according to a published report.

In the waning months of his presidency, Barack Obama was hashing out with the Pentagon the Yemen attack plan that was aimed at gathering intelligence on al Qaeda for future strikes against the jihadist group to wipe them out, CNN said.

Obama administration officials cited “operational reasons” for pushing back the date of the raid for sometime after Jan. 20, leaving it in the hands of the newly minted president to determine its course, CNN reported.

The timing may seem coincidental, but one of the aspects being looked at by officials was the need for a “moonless night” to provide cover for the Navy SEALs, something they did indeed have during the raid on al Qaeda headquarters in the town of Al Bayda.

Still, the mission fell apart and tragically, lives were lost – the first time this has happened under President Trump.

Perhaps Trump’s most egregious error was to place trust in the operational planning put forth by Obama’s Pentagon team, and approve the mission so quickly without extensive research by his own team.

According to the Pentagon, information obtained in Saturday’s raid is already being used to foil potential terrorist plots.

President Trump reached out to the family of the fallen SEAL, then made a secret visit to honor Owens and his service and sacrifice to our country.

Comment: Do you think President Trump should have waited longer to double-check the planning done by the Obama administration before giving the go-ahead on this mission? Share your thoughts with us below.

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