Report: U.S. Drone Strike Targeting ‘ISIS-K’ Kills 7 Children – DoD Investigating

CENTCOM is reviewing claims from a family indicating that 10 people - including 7 children - were killed in a drone strike by the United States following a suicide bombing near the gates of Kabul’s airport in Afghanistan.

U.S. Central Command (CENTCOM) is reviewing claims from a family indicating that 10 people – including seven children – were killed in the drone strike by the United States following a suicide bombing near the gates of Kabul’s airport in Afghanistan.

The Biden administration had claimed that the strike was carried out on Sunday “against an ISIS-K target in Kabul.”

CENTCOM indicates that the drone strike “disrupted an imminent ISIS-K threat to the airport” by taking out a vehicle with “a substantial amount of explosive material.”

“U.S. military forces conducted a self-defense unmanned over-the-horizon airstrike today on a vehicle in Kabul, eliminating an imminent ISIS-K threat to Hamad Karzai International airport,” a statement reads.

They add that there were “no indications” of civilian casualties at that time.

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Were 7 Children Killed In Afghanistan Drone Strike?

The Los Angeles Times is reporting on a family’s claims that multiple civilians were killed in the drone strike in Afghanistan – including seven children.

“That’s when what the family says was an American missile fired moments before from a drone buzzing nearby drilled through the car, slammed into the ground below and detonated,” they write.

“In an instant, 10 people were killed, including no fewer than seven children.”

Since then, CENTCOM has updated its statement and made the unsettling admission that they are looking into the reports and “it is unclear what may have happened.”

The division of the Defense Department describes the drone strike as “defensive” and indicates they “are aware of reports of civilian casualties following our strike on a vehicle in Kabul today.”

“We are still assessing the results of this strike, which we know disrupted an imminent ISIS-K threat to the airport,” the statement continues. “We would be deeply saddened by any potential loss of innocent life.”

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Where Are Biden’s Critics?

Now, of course, I’m going to suggest that we wait until all facts from the incident come forward and tend to give the military the benefit of the doubt until facts state otherwise.

But do you think there’d be an onslaught of criticism if it was former President Trump who gave the green light to a drone strike in Afghanistan that killed seven children?

Full-time socialist and part-time children’s advocate, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-NY) would have been apoplectic.

When Trump ordered the successful rocket attack that killed top Iranian terrorist General Qassem Soleimani in 2020, she accused him of committing an “act of war.”

When reports surfaced that Trump might target cultural sites if Iran tried to respond to Soleimani’s death she called it “an extension of white supremacy.”

Where is AOC now?

Under the Barack Obama administration, in which Joe Biden served as Vice President, drone strikes that took out civilians were commonplace.

In his first week in office, Obama authorized a drone strike that killed nearly a dozen civilians, including a child.

He authorized drone strikes time and again, and even targeted and killed American citizens without charge or trial – like Anwar al-Awlaki.

Al-Awlaki was an accused terrorist whose online videos and ideology have been linked to at least 11 terror incidents between 2009 and 2016.

But an Obama-era drone strike also killed his 17-year-old American son, Abdulrahman.

Trump, in 2017, loosened restrictions on drone strikes giving the military and CIA officials the discretion to launch them without approval from the White House.

Biden, upon taking office, halted counterterrorism drone strikes without White House approval.

That directive contained an exception for strikes in self-defense, likely prompting CENTCOM to label the latest strike as “defensive.”


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