Report: Trey Gowdy Joins Trump Legal Team In Impeachment Fight

President Trump has reportedly enlisted the services of former South Carolina Representative, Trey Gowdy, in his looming impeachment fight against House Democrats.

Gowdy, who served eight years in Congress and was a chairman of the House oversight committee, will serve as outside counsel, according to an administration official.

“Gowdy can offer Trump another opinion on where legal theory meets political reality,” Axios reports, while “his Benghazi experience is seen as an asset.”

The Republican, who has been a contributor to Fox News in recent months, will advise the White House behind the scenes and continue to appear on television to argue on behalf of the president.

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Gowdy’s true value, aside from being a solid representative of conservative arguments, is in countering House Intelligence Committee Chairman Adam Schiff, whom he has previously described as a partisan hack and a “wannabe Senator.”

Just weeks ago, the former congressman slammed Schiff for leaking information “like a sieve,” asserting people have stopped sharing legitimate information with him because of it.

“When you put someone who is wrong as often as Adam Schiff is wrong and is as deeply partisan as he is, in charge of the intelligence committee, then no, you’re not going to share confidential information because Adam leaks like a sieve,” Gowdy argued.

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Gowdy has also shredded Schiff for looking the other way when it came to Obama-era spying on the Trump campaign, dismissing him as “an overtly ambitious partisan wannabe senator.”

He joined Fox News host Tucker Carlson in a laugh at the California Democrat being “an irresponsible buffoon,” a charge that has yet to be disproven.

In regards to the impeachment inquiry and the latest whistleblower hoax, Gowdy reminded viewers that Democrats didn’t exhibit similar outrage when former President Barack Obama was making political promises to foreign adversaries.

“I seem to recall a president who said I’ll have more flexibility in a second term,” he argued. “That’s on tape. I don’t think there was a similar level of outrage when President Obama promised that to the Russian president.”

People familiar with the situation have said details of Gowdy’s role have not been ironed out as of yet.

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